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Top 3 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher - What is the best alkaline water pitcher for 2018? We put up a comparison table on the top 11 water jugs that are well known in the market. We gave you the 7 criteria that we use to identify great filters in the market.

Hi Folks,

Did you know that water pitchers are the cheapest option to get alkaline water?

Now you know!

We provide you our in-depth review on all 11 alkaline water pitcher in the market and compare it side by side.

You shouldn't miss it if you are looking for the best alkaline remineralisation pitcher.

Check them out now.

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Top 6 Best Filtered Water Bottle For 2018 Searching for the best filtered water bottle? You come to the right place. There is a comparison table of the most sought-after water bottle in the market. Check it out now.

Greetings HIPPY!

Do you love camping, hiking or survival trips? It is pretty often that you guys take drinking water from streams and lakes without filtering.

There are a lot of bacteria and protozoan parasites sitting in the water. That causes intestinal infections which will end your activity early that expected.

Why don't you protect yourselves with a filtered water bottle? Most of them cost less than $50.

Find out more in our latest post which we share about the best filtered water bottle in the market.

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Top 3 Best Faucet Water Filter For 2018 In this post, we will reveal the best faucet water filter for 2018. It was analyzed, reviewed, and handpicked from 13 well-known faucet mounted filters in the market. It includes our 4 tips on how to pick a great and ditch the bad water filters. Check out our guide right now!

Hi Folks,

Faucet water filter is one of the affordable options to get clean water from your tap. No crazy installations, no hanging tubings and no bulky canister.

It is ideal for tenants as no hacking is required. Simple screw the filter to the faucet and you are done.

Check out our post and find out which of faucet water filter is the best in 2018!

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4 Best Under Sink Water Filter For 2018 There are so many systems out in the market, which is the best under sink water filter? In this post, we provide a comprehensive comparison guide on all the major water filter brands in town. It is an in depth guide that you should not be missed. Check it out now.

Hi Folks,

Water contamination has been a serious concern nowadays. No matter if you are using municipal treated water or well water source, it is still unclean when it reaches your glass.

Under Sink water filters are one of the best drinking water filters in the world. It can removes 99% of the contamination in your tap water.

However, not all of the water filters are great in terms of quality and affordability.

Check out in our post for 4 of the best under sink water filter for 2018. Or check out whether your filter is one of those!

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Top 4 Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride - We talk about the various price point of water filters that remove fluoride. Check out what is water fluoridation and how does make an impact on us and our family. We provide the 4 most important practices to reduce fluoride exposure. Find out more in this post.

Hi Folks,

Do you know that fluoride exists in our water source? The municipal water treatment center add those into the water to prevent cavity.

Although adults might not have a serious impact on this matter, kids are the ones that most likely to suffer the illnesses of fluoride overexposed.

Fluoride has ZERO benefits to our body other than preventing tooth decay. We shouldn't be driving water with fluoride!

In this post, we brought to you 4 different filtration systems, using different technology on a different price point.

Start protecting your family with a water filter and stay healthy!
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APEC ROES-50 Review | The Best Entry Model Reverse Osmosis System - APEC ROES-50 has always been a best seller water filter. Find out why it is regarded as the best entry model reverse osmosis system in this review.

HI Folks,

Does the recent chemical contamination in Michigan affects you? Water contamination has risen over the years.

We won’t be seeing instant effect on our body, but the chemicals such as lead and mercury will accumulate in our body for years.

To reduce these contaminants from entering our body, the fastest way is to install a water filter which removes most of the contaminants.

APEC ROES-50 is one of the leading reverse osmosis brand for drinking water filter. They are capable of removing 99% of contaminants leaving clean water for you and your family.

Do check out our latest review on this system on the link attached below.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!
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Hard water has always been part of our lives. How did hard water came about? Is it harmful for us? How do you change it to soft water?
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