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So, this is very much related to my experience on Niagara and how I now evaluate mates. Mates What
can I say, mates are an unfortunate Fact
of boat life. I’ve
worked with many And
in large part, They
are absolute shit. Imagine
the worst boss you Have
ever h...

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I Know The
other day you told me That
I knew everything and That
you loved it. I
think it was because I knew That
Iranians speak Farsi and are Not
considered an Arab People. I
think this came up because We
were discussing the nationality Of Khalil

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So, I'm using my mobile hotspot to upload this from Lake Michigan. It's rough but I had fun with it.  After 32 days on the lakes Im gonna
come off this motherfucker Like
a wild eyed whirlwind. I’ve
got 32 days worth of Living
to do and only 14 Days
to do it...

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So it's been a while. Don't know what to call this yet. As usual, this has been edited very little if any. The reading tempo should be quick. She
reminded me that there are Beautiful
women out there and Finding
them is as simple as saying Would
like to meet...

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Not A Bluebird      4/20/2015 There is not a blue bird but a dragon in my heart. And no matter how I try he comes out when he likes, unbidden. He shows others his blackness and rage and drives them away. No matter my effort I cannot keep him within and the ...

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heart upon firing line
What do I feel? Can even the wordsmith ply his craft cleverly enough to describe this? I imagine this is what it feels like to be shot center mass, point blank, emotional ten ring. Savage, penetrating trauma, liquefying the innermost reaches of all that was...

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So it has been a while, time for a new post. Introduction Throughout my
employment in the maritime industry I have encountered frequent usage of the
term “common sense.” I currently work on towboats on the Ohio river and have
had the term leveled at me much...

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I wasn't going to post this. I thought it would be too controversial and would cost me friends. I have realized now that I am ok with that potential outcome. I doubt that this can top anything else I have written so I am saying fuck it. Time to saddle up. I...

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On the Spirituality of streams and fish. So today i put my line in the water for Erie steelhead for the first time in a year. I only caug...

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at one and a half barge lengths             I
had recently become enamored with the idea of “peace around the next bend.”
Which impli...
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