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Anybody in the US and especially in Pennsylvania do contract programming? I'm looking at a position and there's a lot to like about it, but I wonder how much I'm going to lose purchasing health insurance for my family myself, and how much of a hassle quarterly estimated tax filings are going to be.

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If you're interested in learning some philosophy at an affordable rate relative to college courses, get in touch with Daniel Fincke. If you're an atheist who thinks philosophy is all hogwash, you may want to ask him about the proposed Philosophy for Atheists course, which will focus on topics that should be of value to many non-believers.
Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this.

I am thinking of using interactive video conferencing technology,specifically Google Hangout but I am open to other suggestions, to offer relatively affordable, non-matriculated, private philosophy classes throughout the year. I would love to start as early as January 2013 and continue throughout the year (and ideally beyond).

These would not be classes eligible for any college credit whatsoever. They would be for people interested in learning for other reasons than college credit. 

My idea is to run classes with a minimum number of 20 two hour weekly sessions. If enough people wanted to keep going after 20 sessions then the courses could go on indefinitely.

A course would start every time I had nine people whose schedules could all accommodate the same weekly 2 hour time frame and were interested in covering the same topics.

Scheduling would be extremely flexible to accommodate working people.

The price would be only $15/hour, a rate far lower than the cost of matriculated courses, and the class sizes would be also be much smaller than the average matriculated course.

The topics I would expect to offer courses on are the following:

Ethics - This course would be focused on major philosophies of morality.

Metaethics - This course would be focused on numerous philosophical questions about the nature, reality, and objectivity or subjectivity of morality.

Nietzsche This course would be focused first on the big themes of Nietzsche's writings and controversies related to understanding his work, and then involve detailed analyses of specific sections of his writings.

Philosophy for Atheists - This course would focus on philosophical questions with respect to how they have bearing on both answering theistic philosophical claims and developing robust philosophical alternatives for their own sakes.

Philosophy from Plato through the 21st Century - This could be a year long survey course focused primarily on great texts from the great philosophers, spanning Plato through the present day.

A Topical Introduction to Philosophy - This course would survey the major problems in philosophy and the leading competing paradigms for solving them in both historical and contemporary philosophy.)

I have a PhD in Philosophy from Fordham University and 10 years of teaching experience. I have taught 82 sections of Philosophy. In 2005, based on student voting, I earned the Fordham University Graduate Student Association's Teaching Fellow of the Year award. I have worked at Fordham University, Fairfield University, Hunter College City of New York, Hofstra University, William Paterson University, and St. John's University, and still have a positive relationship such that it is possible I could teach at any of them any semester. Some semesters I have taught at as many as 4-5 of them at a time.

Anybody with a software development job and self-taught skills and OSS community experience - how do you get employers to actually look at you? I see a lot of potential employers that want structured data so that they can filter from the start on years of corporate experience, knowledge of very specific tools whether or not applicants might have valuable knowledge in related areas, degrees regardless of whether or not applicants may have practical experience, etc. How does one get past such filters to even be considered, short of lying about experience and credentials?

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There is no need to watch any other Gangnam Style remix. This one is brilliant.

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Women of Pennsylvania, if you've ever been married or divorced and intend to vote in the upcoming election, make sure that your license or ID has your current legal name on it, and that your registration is also under your current name. As the registration does not expire, you may be surprised as we were to find that my wife's registration did not match. If they don't match, a poll worker will need to decide if the names "substantially conform", and you may need to cast a provisional ballot. You can verify registration online. The deadline to register is October ninth.

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So, I've started a blog this past week. I'll be using it for my views on a number of topics, and the first two posts address religious experiences and why people disagree. The latter of these is a sort of theme I hope to explore in all topics I address.
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