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Simon Reinhardt
Software developer, Semantic Web enthusiast, progressive rock listener
Software developer, Semantic Web enthusiast, progressive rock listener
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Mein Arbeitgeber stellt wieder Software-Entwickler ein. Web-Applikationen in Java, Social Software Integration etc. Arbeiten in Bonn oder Berlin.

My employer is hiring software developers again. Web applications in Java, social software integration etc. Work in Bonn or Berlin.
+Hype Innovation #jobs #java #softwaredevelopers #webapplications

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"As of January 2014, there is general agreement amongst browser vendors to implement both picture and srcset."

I.. what? I don't even... #webstandards #fail  

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A young man with a PhD explains literature classics. With a twist...

Respect, blud! KnowwhatI'msayin'?

It's 2013. The following should be doable:

A service that lets me watch films and series from all over the world in my region with the following conditions:
- Good catalogue of past and current material all available at any time.
- 1080p and above if available from the original source (lower qualities should be available for lower bandwidths / mobile devices of course).
- Uncut if I can verify my age.
- Sound and good quality subtitles (both regular and for the hearing-impaired) are available in original language and my language and I can choose between them at will.
- Available for streaming from a website; pre-loadable to my device; watchable on mobile devices.

I don't care about:
- If you can deliver such a service, it doesn't have to be cheap. I'd be willing to pay for what I get.
- DRM as you want.
- I can wait. I don't have to have the content as soon as it's been broadcast.
- Unlimited watching - again, if the service is good I'm happy if I can finish watching it once; I rarely want to watch things over and over again. That's what I buy Blu-rays for.

This should be doable. We have the technology. And I'm sure we have the demand. Long tail and everything.

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Ein paar Bekannte haben einen Plan aufgestellt, um eine Lücke in Bonn zu schließen: einen Platz für Spieler und Fantasy-Freunde  zu schaffen.
Dabei brauchen sie noch Unterstützung.

#café #pub #kneipe #bonn #fantasy #spiele #boardgames   #roleplay  

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Oh very nice, +Google Maps! You can check out the Doctor Who Easter egg here:

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And this is why headlines in the Anglosphere suck.
I had to look at the linked Washington Post article to find out that this wasn't about Doctor Who. And even then I only got the right meaning on the fourth attempt.

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So, this guy I work with, +Eric Sachs, worries about passwords and accounts and security all day every day and has for years.  He talks really super fast and tends to overrun just about anyone’s input buffers.

I got him set up in front of a camera and quizzed him about hot stuff in identity and passwords and so on, with a hard 15-minute time limit.  If you watch it, he’ll probably overrun your input once or twice, but you’ll learn a whole lot about the practicalities of getting out of the password biz, which is something you should be starting to work on now. Also, there’s a nifty demo of some stuff we’ve been working on.
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