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Pipe dream: a world where I can create content in my preferred tool, others can contribute/edit in their preferred tools, and anyone else can read it and comment in any damned tool they happen to have on hand. 

Just downloaded the G+ app for my new iPad. Don't think I'll be using it much. Can't change cover image, for one thing, and other features are missing that are easy to find when viewing in browser. Looks pretty, though.

Odd…52 spam comments on my blog today, all of them either selling sneakers or offering astral projection consultation. 

OK, now I have a computer that can run Chrome again. Not the way I planned to spend the money we've been saving for a downpayment on a replacement for our 13-year–old car, but…

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Still can't log in to G+ using Firefox. Can't run Chrome on my ancient laptop computer. Yes, I can use Safari, but I use FF for everything else, and it's a pain to switch just to post here!

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Have seen some of these before, in other articles. This hummingbird is new to me, though, and I think it's beautiful.
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Looking at using Hangouts for virtual committee meetings. Has anyone tried that, yet? How well is it integrated with Google Docs? Any sharing issues?
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