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Making your own turning lane!!!!!!

Has anyone got a working 120gb or a 160gb iPod for sale?
My existing iPod is on its way out. Looking for a replacement. 

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This is why I don't use Facebook........

Way to go Calgary, 2 candidates in this seasons Canada's Worst Driver 

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I was given a dash board cam. so I thought to my self why use it when ever I am driving around and record everything  that I see on the roads and upload the crap driving. So this is my first upload.
The crap takes place at around the 2 min 15sec mark.

I am sure I will have plenty of uploading to do.

Let me know what you think.....

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It's a fine whether day for snow boarding.
Snow is nice and soft. 

RIP Frankie Knuckles.
I can thank you for nearly 10 years of partying.
You had a huge influence on my life and may your tunes keep on spinning. 

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After 7 years in Calgary I have finally found a decent Barber shop.
This is definitely the place to go for an excellent hair cut.
Very friendly staff and for sure they know what are doing.
My 3 year old son had great time and he never even got his hair cut! 

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So True

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Possibly a very dangerous situation.
Must have been lots of different scenarios going through the hunters head. 
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