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Frozen Margaritas are just adult Slurpees

That's one of the things I said this week on Twitter. Here's another:

"Just drove by the local storage unit and waved hi to all my crap."

and another...

Me to husband: Hey, I do a LOT of cleaning around here.
9yo: No, you play around on your little iPhone all the time.

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Yo, it's time for another embarrassing story… 

My friend, Tammy, shares how her high school gym teacher embarrassed her in front of her whole class, making him A-hole of the year. This story made me laugh out loud.

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#EmbarrassingStoriesMonday #embarrassing   #funny  
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Oh I'm so glad!  Huzzah :)
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Kate Hall

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How are you doing with your online presence according to +Julie DeNeen's helpful graphic?

I'm doing well on the Twitter section…not so well on all other areas.
I tried to make a graphic of my time on social and content, and to try to break it up. It's a huge image, no idea how people make infographics since it's not something I do. It looks nice on Pinterest, but I need to shrink the file size cause it's enormous.

It's not meant to be something you have to do everyday, but more like grouping activities into daily, weekly, and monthly activities.
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My Klout score is in the low 60's and perks are piling up already this year so I think I am doing okay. lol FB was driving my engagement as of recent oddly enough. It is perhaps my least favorite platform.
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Kate Hall

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Just wondering what people's opinions are on HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS. We're buying a new house and a number of them are part of HOAs. Any thoughts/opinions?
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I avoid them like the plague that they are. I prefer to set my own rules.
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Kate Hall

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Haha! The life of a mom is never boring.
It's Sunday Confession time over at More Than Cheese And Beer! This week's topic was: TIME. Don't forget to stop by and check out the rest of the great confessions. It seems like everywhere you loo...
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Kate Hall

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Enjoyed this article from +Julie DeNeen. It made me think. Are you selling yourself short?
I feel like I owe the world an apology.Hi, my name is Julie and though I have this great blog full of free information, I am now going to charge you hundreds of dollars to talk to me.I am at this very awkward transition in my web design business. It's called, God only made the day 24 hours long…
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+Kate Hall +Julie DeNeen an excellent piece. I too find that I am being asked for my expertise on a 'free' basis far too often - often by charities as well as corporates and individuals. Well done to +Julie DeNeen for taking that step and dong something constructive about it!
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Kate Hall

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#joke   #lazy  
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Lol! Youtube here I come.
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Kate Hall

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People are passionate about Homeowner Associations. I started a discussion on G+ and Facebook earlier this week and this is what I learned: Most people hate them as much as Hitler, himself. But there are others that wouldn't live in a house without an HOA.

How about you? HOA, yay? HOA, nay?

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Kate Hall

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What do you think of this article by +Julie DeNeen?  It makes total sense to me, but I'm already overwhelmed on social media. I just keep plugging along.
Content is King

We all know this, but here's where bloggers get completely tripped up. Content doesn't just mean blog post. It means ANYTHING you say online. Every platform should tell your story. Every piece of content should be thoughtful, or funny, or helpful, or ...something. 

We need to pay attention to all our content, not just our blog posts. And it's important to choose the right platform for the content you are offering.

1. Is it just a quick funny post? Hashtag it and make it a Twitter conversation.
2. Is it a home renovation project? Create a Pinterest board.
3. Is it a 300-400 word post with one photo? Blog it right into Google plus.
4. Is it an in depth tutorial or commentary piece that needs space to flesh out? It goes on the blog.

The Post:
The Pin: 

#contentmarketing   #blogging
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I don't know, I just do what feels right. 
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Kate Hall

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Hey, look at that!
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