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Ryan Kilburn
My name is Ryan and I write...
My name is Ryan and I write...

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Need to know about Sump Pumps?

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Be ready for anything with a Solar Oven

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Make sure you're ready
Hurricane Joaquin moves away from U.S. East Coast | NASA
NOAA's GOES-East satellite captured this visible image of Hurricane Joaquin east of the Bahamas on Oct. 3 at 1615 UTC (12:15 p.m. EDT). The national weather forecast for October 3, 2015: Joaquin is no threat for now, but the nor'easter on the East Coast is causing massive flooding.
Heavy rain hit Charleston, South Carolina., and much of the Southeast on Saturday, giving the region little relief from the threat of Hurricane Joaquin as it moved to the northeast away from the East Coast.
Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project
+NASA Goddard 
+NOAA Weather 

#NASA #NOAA #Space #Satellite #Hurricane #Joaquin #Storm
#Weather #Bahamas #AtlanticOcean #Islands #Caribbean #GOES #GOESEast 

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Full-throttle towards Hockenheim: ramp up your levels of excitement ahead of the DTM finale – with brand-new wallpapers of the BMW M4 DTM. /// Mit Vollgas Richtung Hockenheim: Verleihe deiner Vorfreude auf das DTM-Finale einen zusätzlichen PS-Schub – mit den brandneuen Wallpapern des BMW M4 DTM.

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I love stuff like this
Rugged terrain in Montana, USA | International Space Station
Kjell: "Rugged terrain in Montana. Stare at it for a while & you can sense the slow power of wind and water wearing it down."

Credit: NASA/JSC, U.S. Astronaut Kjell Lindgren
Date: September 30, 2015

+Kjell Lindgren
+NASA Johnson Space Center 
#NASA #Space #ISS #Earth #Montana #STEM #Education
#Spacecraft #Technology #Engineering #Astronaut #KjellLindgren #Photography #Art #Science #USA #UnitedStates #Expedition45 #JourneytoMars #Mars #OrbitalPerspective #OverviewEffect 

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Glad I bought the BMW instead of the VW I was looking at...
The First Domino Effect From The VW Fallout: Automotive suppliers likely to see impact of VW emissions scandal For automotive suppliers, such as those in Indiana, it could mean moving away from diesel technology until people regain faith in it, said Akshay Anand, a senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book. “Suppliers are going to need to look at other technologies and figure out what they can accomplish until consumer confidence gets back up there, and that could take years,” he said. “Obviously it varies from supplier to supplier, and it depends on how much of their production is diesel.” 

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