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Todd Grotenhuis
Information Security Specialist, Abolitionist, Anabaptist
Information Security Specialist, Abolitionist, Anabaptist

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Looks like I got booted out of the Honourable OSR with no explanation? Ok then.

Best RPG to play with 9yr-olds?

Looking for opinions from people who aren’t white dudes
Are you finding an alternative to G+ that seems ok? If not, what’s missing?

Four Against Darkness
Anybody playing this? It's a fun little solo game, but the book has some issues with proofing/wording/layout/order/gaps/etc. Here are a couple situations I've run into. What have you decided in your play?

Unarmed Attacks
I had invisible gremlins take all my weapons. Can I not make attacks? Do I treat my characters as having a Light, Hand, Crushing weapon (-1), or treat it as -2? Other?

Elf Spells
Which do they know? All of them? It doesnt' seem to clarify between knowing and preparing. In a latter part of the book there are parts about learning new ones, but it's not clear what they start with. Just the core 6? And those other rules are for ones that come up in new books?

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Gaslighting in Horror Games

E.g.: doing things as a GM (*& NPCs) that cause the characters (& thus players) to question what they know about the setting, the events, and their situation, in order to drive up their anxiety and make them threaten their own wisdom, choices, and sense of reality.

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Appropriately Terrible
Inappropriately Terrible

Watched Cube again (one of my favorite thriller horror movies) and was like "yo, that feels like a good LARP."

Can you recommend an OCR service?

I want to send them a book, have them dissect it and scan it, and then get back the searchable pdf (and maybe cover/pages). I’m ok with buying an extra copy of the game book for this purpose, and I’m fine with paying for the service, as well. I just really need a searchable copy.

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