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Sam Sykes
Author of THE AEONS' GATE series. Also, a pretty swell guy.
Author of THE AEONS' GATE series. Also, a pretty swell guy.

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Yay for +Sam Sykes 's BLACK HALO finally being out for the Kindle! (And if you're a long-time fantasy reader with a sense of humor who hasn't tried his books, start off with THE TOME OF THE UNDERGATES (

I was looking at the Goodreads reviews for the first book and was surprised to see they're all over the map. It seemed to me the lower rating ones didn't get some of the humor, the way the book subverts and celebrates standard sword & sorcery tropes (I mean, seriously, look at the take on the Drow, which I think is hysterical and points to all the things I always found a little stupid about that race) while delivering really interesting, likeable characters.

Speaking of which, I'm working on prepping my "this is the best stuff I read/watched/listened to in 2011" post for the Aqueduct Press blog. What's on YOUR best of 2011 list?

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All about the Surrey International Writer's Conference. Those who do not learn from Sam Sykes are doomed to repeat him.

I say "guess what I did today" and no one ever acts like it's good news.

This is it. I have eaten corn and found the taste too bitter to live. I have nothing left, my friends. This corn has damned me. Tell my wife I love her. Tell my many girlfriends that I had no wife. And if they seem suspicious, tell them I love them, too.

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New Blog Post: Gears of War 3, the Future of Writers in Video Games, and Other Unnecessary Capitalizations.

Let's write poems together.

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New Blog Post. Read it or I'll kill you in your sleep.

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Today on "Sam Sykes is an Asshole and Here is His Blog:" Is a novel that frustrates worth more than a novel that appeases or is Sam just DUMB AS HECK?

I swear to God I am straight up going to poop in someone's soul today.
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