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Hi my name's Emily. I started this blog as part of my ROGATE (gifted and talented) class. The assignment is that we use 20% of our school week to learn more about a topic we are interested in. So basically thst means every Friday. My project is a bucket lis...

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Wear Black Nail Polish.
Its the third week in January. It is also the point where optimistically made new year's resolutions begin to fall away as people fall back into old routines. I'm sure on December 31st you really were going to start going to the gym every day but that was b...

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Empathy and Equality
If you think about it each person lives in their own little circles. My circle is I wake up, take the bus to school, play volleyball, go home, and then go to sleep. Throughout my day though my circle overlaps with other peoples circles who's lives are simil...

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Benefits of the Extra X
Girls like to complain about the struggle of their gender. I would be a hypocrite if I said that I don't often participate in these pity parties. However there are many benefits of femininity that tends to be over shadowed by period pain and the amount of t...

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Is Our Generation really Post Racial?
Recently I had to give a speech for my gifted and talented class. My question to address was "Is our generation really post racial?" based on an article by the New York Times . I feel really strongly about this topic and I feel like I should share my opinio...

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Older not wiser
      I never understood why people were afraid of growing up. What is so scary about being able to do more of the things you want to do. Even though there would be more responsibility surely it can't be that bad. How could something so exciting be "scary"....

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Stream of Consciousness
Tomorrow will be six months since the last time I've blogged. Every single time a write a new blog post I end it by saying something like "I'm going to try and blog more" but since its been six months since my last post its pretty obvious its all just empty...

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The Outlier Behind the Magic.
         I always think of an outlier as someone with a unique mind. A person who is bursting with creativity and the power to think outside the box. Someone who embodies these qualities the most is the one and only Walt Disney. Walter Elias Disney was born...
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