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Ana Karenina Pera
Environmentalist, Chemical Engineer, Blogger, WAHM
Environmentalist, Chemical Engineer, Blogger, WAHM

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Locating a Qualified Electrician
Owning a home means that you will have occasional problems that you will need to deal with. It is only a matter of time until you have a serious issue with the electrical system in your home. Obviously, this is not something that you should attempt to fix o...

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Decorate Your Own First Communion Candle
An essential in your child's first communion is the communion candle. It symbolizes Christ, who lights our way and guides us in our journey as Christians.  For my daughter's first communion candle, we decided to decorate it ourselves. We found a colorful de...

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Things to Consider When You Need Refrigerator Service
When a refrigerator quits working, it can cause problems that must be dealt with right away in order to minimize the losses that could be suffered as a result. Not only do you have to worry about the refrigerator itself, you want it fixed before the food in...

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DIY Baptism Favors
We welcomed another beautiful angel into the Christian family last November. As a little token for the guests of my godson who came to witness his baptism, I made these little glass jars filled with chocolate kisses. I found this great idea featured on Pint...

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An Unexpected Treat: Luxury Living In The Heart Of Illinois
About 45 miles northwest of Chicago you will find the charming community of Crystal Lake. Named for the lovely lake that lies just southwest of the city's downtown area, Crystal Lake is the largest suburb in the Chicago metropolitan area. Although many of t...

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Make Your Company More Cutting Edge And Competitive With These Business Strategies
If you want your company to be more cutting edge and competitive, the key to success is accessing strategies that will make it happen. With that idea in mind, consider using the following techniques to take your business to a new level of prestige and power...

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Bunny Softy from Socks
Each week, me and my not so little girl try to do crafts together. This is my way of bonding and spending quality time with her and an avenue for her to develop her creativity. Since we went away for the weekend during the Easter holidays, we opted to make ...

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Calculators Aid In Utility Budgeting
The calculator is one of the oldest still-useful tools people possess in their daily lives. It can be used offline in a variety of ways, from adding up bills and paying them to estimating taxes. Online calculators have almost made lives easier by estimating...

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Accentuate Your Fashion Style With Traditional Mehndi Designs
Are you looking for a "new" style that will accentuate your fashion sense with a bold, colorful statement of intent? Perhaps you're interested in learning more about classic fashions that feature the elegant Arabic Mehndi design ? If you're new to Mehndi de...

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Handmade Birthday Party Invitation Cards
My little girl is turning 8 soon and she is so excited about it! So last Wednesday, for our "Basteltag" or Crafts Day we started making her birthday party invitation cards. We decided on the slider card because while watching You Tube videos on how to make ...
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