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For those who want another perspective on the Israel vs Hamas affair, please read this to the end. The solution is not as simple as telling people to stop fighting.

Please look past the title if it offends you. You can't claim to be a reasonable person if you subscribe to only one perspective. If my G+ feed is anything to go by, there's only one perspective people are willing to consider. This even from people who I know actively promote having an open mind.

Great, Wifi roaming is still crappy (as in "non-functional") with #android 4.4.3.

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Great #30c3 talk...

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And again the +Google Play store fails...

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When a colleague comes over and tells me he accidentally deleted a branch of another colleague when he was cleaning up our repository and asks me what he can do now, I'm all alike...


The +Google Play store website still looks unfinished since this ui-redesign.

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Haha, mmd...47 floors and they forgot the elevator.

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looks interesting...

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As always, us-only first...pff #nexus7 #google  
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