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Music- Sunday Emotions
Today weather is also indecisive like me. In the morning it was sun shining very bright and make you feel like you are alive. Love live and happiness. I went out and let the sun shine kiss me again and again. with the wind sunning through from my skin. I lo...

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Fashion-Ice Blue-White
Today weather was so perfect. Sunshine  and bright day. What did I wear such a day? I took benefit of the perfect atmosphere and took my mini skirt from my wardrobe. I walked from my house until duomo. For this reason I prefer my lacoste white shoes. Those ...

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Birazda Romantizm
Evet İtalya
dedik Milano dedik tabi kide İtalyan erkeklerinden bahsetmeden olmaz. Yaşadığım
bir maceradan bahsedicem burada. Burada mekan
ve atmosfer olarak sevdiğim güzel bir gece kulübü var. O gece arkadaşlarla oraya
gittik. Dans edip eğleniyoruz hafif ça...

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Bahar trendi
Baharın gelmesi ile birlikte montlardan botlardan kurtulduk nihayet. Sizler için geçen yeni aldığım kıyafetlerle kombin oluşturdum. Biliyorsunuz bu sezon yüksel bel etekler çok moda. Bu sezon yine pastel renkler moda. Pudra pembesi etek+ petrol mavi tshirt+...

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Music-Sunday Happiness
In Milano the weather is so good right now. The tempreture is about 20 and shiny. So this sunday I decided to share happy and cheerful songs. First one is an Italian song but I like it so much.  Other song is also quite cherfull and when I listen it it make...

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Premenstrual Syndrome
Oww god I have been suffering since couples of days. Why why women have to suffer so much. Today I went to market all I see was chocolate , cake and dessert sections. And my precious friend nutella!! Yes I am a nutella addicted. I bought my war equipment an...

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Hello my dears. I continue my story. Why did I run away? Why did I get bored? You may have been experienced the same thing. I was so depressed, I couldn't not breathe. I was so bored with my life. Living in a socirty is hard to live. In my country, everyone...

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Milano Diaries1
It is raining and it is never gonna end I guess. As I said I left everything and came to Milano. I will tell my story shortly but firstly lets walk around Milano. As usual first place is  Piazza Del Duamo. The Duamo  cathedral is located in the city center....

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Okulun ilk günü Ne giydim?
Evet ara ara hikayeme değineceğimi söylemiştim. Her şeyimi varımı yoğumu bırakıp geldim buralara. Burda ne mi yapıyorum? Master :) Dersler ders programı çok yoğun. Bu benim modadan geri kalmam anlamına gelmiyo. Okulun ilk günü diye rahat va salaş bir şeyler...

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Fashion-Spring Style Enterence
Thanks to the spring we dont have to use heavy coats and boats. I creatde new combine with my new clothes. I add high belly skirts since they are so trendy nowadays. Again this season pastel colors are so trend. I choose pastel light pink skirt + naivy blue...
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