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I love technology, it is how I make a living after all, yet I have a small but growing discomfort with my need to be within arm’s reach of my phone and laptop at any given time, yes asleep or awake! 

Now it isn't technology itself that my gripe is with, it’s how accessible we allow it to make us, blurring the lines between work and home life. There are some undeniable positives with this that I welcome with open arms for example more flexible working, and being in a client facing role, I’m able to communicate with my clients less formally via Twitter and LinkedIn outside of the 9-5 working day, building stronger relationships. 

So, in a small bid to claw back some ‘me’ time, this weekend my husband and I both switched off and put down our iPhones at 8.30pm and left them in the kitchen until the following morning. 

The result – I've had a weekend free of checking emails at 11pm (yes I do this even on weekends) and when I've woken up the first thing I do hasn't been checking every social network I’m a member of. Even more rewarding I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead knowing I've made the most of my allocated free time. Will I continue this... without a doubt, roll on 8.30pm!

I thought I’d share this in case you also have that growing discomfort and want some courage to take a step away from the iPhone.

10 things about LinkedIn you might not know:

1. You should limit the title of a group to 48 characters. LinkedIn allows you more but cuts the title off in certain places.

2. You have to be a member of a main group to join a sub group.

3. A group can have up to 20 subgroups.

4. There are well over 20 ways of increasing your group membership.

5. You can export all your connections into an excel file and then add to your mail list.

6. If you own a group you can export the details of all group members into an excel file.

7. You can change the order of your profile by dragging and dropping sections. This is useful if you'd like to change the emphasis and highlight key areas.

8. You can improve the visibility of your profile (therefore creating inbound leads) by adding keywords to your profile in multiple places.

9. You can't search for a job on the mobile app - seriously try it!!

10. You can be anonymous for a short while by changing your privacy settings.

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