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Hey, folks.
Is Esoterrorists a thing of the past? It falls into the category for here, but doesn't get a direct mention. I always admired it from a distance, and have since picked it up via Humble Bundle (I think it was), have my group lined up for when the current game reaches its natural end, and I'm looking out for a place to discuss...
This is where you all say how great it is/was, wonder why you ever stopped playing it, and share a bajillion posts about how you ran it for your groups. ;-)


I may have slightly deleted this last night...  (I was only trying to get rid of the cruddy graphic I attached, honest!)
I said: "Things are going along jollily for our heroes tackling Gardmore Abbey under 13th Age rules.
Last session we had a Charm Person cast post-combat when an orc came round after being punched out with (improvised) subdual damage.  He'd 'rolled Initiative', but hey, that fight was over! 
And his normal HPs were just over the 40 hp limit of the spell.  Since he was currently on less than 40, he was susceptible to Charm, right?"

+Ryven Cedrylle said: "A normal level 1 creature has about 27 HP, a level 2 about 36. The 'less than 40' restriction is mostly to prevent you from Charming the solo monster or half of the two-man miniboss fight and circumventing the encounter. An orc that's already gotten its head handed to it? Go right ahead. Charm away. "

This was my reasoning also.  I was kinda fishing for someone who knows their way all over the book better than I do to point me to a quote...
I note there isn't a general "Magic is like this; spell descriptions are structured like this " chapter, since it's all embedded in the individual character classes.  It would be handy...  (We stalled a bit last week when the wizard's player asked what it meant that a block of text for a spell was called 'Special' and wanted to know how and when that applied.)

+Alan Kellogg also said: "OTOH the orc could be faking it. :)"

You, sir, are an evil swine.  I like it! 

Actually one of the players suggested the Charm Person attack roll should be made secretly so they might have to figure out whether he was really charmed.
As the whole encounter was unnecessary (but hey, they'd wanted to do it, so there was some general slaughtering and everyone called it the best session in several weeks) I opted for a simple and outright success so we could crack on ("CTFO") with the actual adventure.

Quick to Fight?
As my game was ported over from an ongoing D&D 4e one, I have continuity issues that aren't necessarily criticisms of 13th Age in and of itself.
One of the more significant changes to the table experience is the party Initiative order. This was more significant in 4e -- which was dysfunctional enough to make my players sell their grandmothers not to have a low Initiative.  But still, the max-Dex, Initiative-feated High Elf Wizard and  Halfling Rogue used to have Initiative all stitched up, and now the Humans are always winning everything...

It's great to see Humans get that love, but it feels like overkill that Quick to Fight is frequently trumping Dex bonuses and Initiative Feats.

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Yeah, this pretty much has it right about 13th Age.
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Hey all, I just joined up.  13th Age looks like a good blend of traditional with indy/improv touches... which I intend our group to feel our way carefully forward into.

Discovering 13th Age led me to resurrect a previous campaign that had ground to a halt. D&D4e 6th level PCs post H1 and H2 will now come off hiatus re-imagined as 2nd level 13th Age PCs and be thrust into the Madness of Gardmore Abbey.
   Most of them don't have 'One Unique Thing' identities, and I'm going to start with Icon relationship rolls just presenting opportunities to suggest an occasional development rather than driving the game. 
   But I'm looking forward to seeing where the rollercoaster takes us!

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This interview is a gem, handled beautifully by Michael Martinez, and proves me a slacker for not having yet read John Garth's 'Tolkien and the Great War'.
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