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Dear Google: cough Google achoo Apps support.... sneeze cough ...bouncing up-and-down... still here... still waiting... :-/ 1010, --Loyal Customer.

Goodnight new Facebook... Goodnight new Google+... Goodnight familiar Twitter... Goodnig...... ZZzzz

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Wil.I.Am opened for the Google Hangouts API Developer Hangout... Here's Richard & Amit hosting a dev chat on Sept. 22, 2011.

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Speaking of things I'm waiting for.... Netflix to get a clue, perhaps? :)

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Now my dream of having my Hangouts talk to my microwave can be realized! (If I knew how to use an API, or had a working microwave...)
Announcing a preview for a new way to write apps. After all the fun things we've seen people use Hangouts for, glad to give them some real tools to write truly collaborative, real-time apps.

+Amit Fulay +Chee Chew

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Still Waiting: What we didn't get today.

Thanks for the updates, Google, now how about that loyal-user Google Apps support? That brands/business offering? taps foot impatiently

...yup, I'm still waiting. :-/

Watching +Robert Scoble on Bloomberg West talking about Google Plus. If you haven't seen the show: Weekdays at 3pm. #checkitout ("You have to admit, much of the conversation about Google Plus is about Google Plus" --+Emily Chang.)

I have been using Google+ for two months now: June & July. You?

Brand accounts may be a P1, but Princess' personal annoyance is a P0.

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