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Louise Deeley
Interested in people, sport, neuroscience, fantasy books and psychology .... not necessarily in that order!
Interested in people, sport, neuroscience, fantasy books and psychology .... not necessarily in that order!


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I've just read an email from a 'friend'? 'acquaintance'? ... (labels again) .... I met through social media ... and before any of my more 'colourful' mates think I'm up to something I shouldn't be .... 'social media' ... 'friend' nudge nudge, wink wink .......

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Struggling to think of a gift for your sporty family and friends?

Maybe you want to treat yourself to a gift that will improve your sport?

Fed up the same boring pants and socks offering?

Then why not take advantage of our time limited Christmas special?

Until Dec 8th, we're offering our highly acclaimed NLP and Sport Psychology home learning pack for only £100 (RRP £399) - that's a saving of £299 and includes the Fears and Phobias DVD too ...

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Muscle Memory .... and reflecting on 'performance'
Last weekend myself and three friends went mountain boarding with and had a great afternoon, basically wobbling about on boards on wheels and trying to look cool! As a snowboarder I was interested to see whether this would transla...

How to get a FREE NLP for Sport Diploma place this September - if you're a volunteer in sport!

Going to the OSCA's ...
Are you a volunteer in Sport? WIN A FREE NLP/PSYCHOLOGY IN SPORT DIPLOMA PLACE! Volunteers and coaches are the lifeblood of all community sport, and without the time, effort and commitment of these
people, many clubs, teams and coaching sessions would no...

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Jung had a lot to answer for ...
Notes on Perception is Projection ... Carl Jung’s thinking behind “Perception is
Projection” is central to the thinking and philosophy of training in NLP
… after all, NLP is about modelling excellence (and it’s an excellent idea to
model ~ thanks Carl!) and...

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