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Gale Force Nine - TANKS - USA Sherman Swarm
  Carrying on with my 15mm TANKS, next up for you to appreciate is my USA Armoured force. This is made up of 4 x M4A2 Shermans which can be used either as 75mm or 76mm configuarations and 1 x M26 Pershing. M26 Pershing   76mm Shermans   75mm Shermans

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Gale Force Nine - TANKS - Inaugural Tournament
To make the most of my newly painted British Tanks, I noticed that there was another small expo type show ( Strategy ) being held in Telford, Birmingham, last weekend. Questing Knight Games , Telford's local gaming shop were hosting a few small demo games a...

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Gale Force Nine - TANKS - The British are Coming
Three finished British Tanks for the smashing TANKS Skirmish Game by Gale Force 9. These are the same plastic tanks that Battlefront produce for Flames of War but come seperately packaged with stat and upgrade cards for the skirmish game. Comet - 23rd Hussa...

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Infinity ITS Tournament - Northern Alliance Open: Number 6
Second Infinity ITS   tournament in as many
months and after the great introduction I had in Preston, this time it was the Northern Alliance Open No 6 held in Leeds. Another 300pt event where you could bring two lists for your
force, which I did do this tim...

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Infinity - First ever ITS Tournament
I have just attended my first ever Infinity ITS tournament and wow what an education that was. Infinity is a game I fell in love with years ago but have only just managed to get to play occasionally now its in its new edition. Finally getting up the courage...

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Across the Dead Earth - Murder in the Midlands Tournament - Part 2
  Hopefully everyone has read Part One of this tournament report. Third Game - vs Adam and his Unnamed Gang   Well after two decent wins and a lunch break we entered into game 3. This time I was up against Adam with his unnamed gang, mainly as he was self c...

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Across the Dead Earth - Murder in the Midlands Tournament - Part 1
Sunday past I and a few others descended on the leafy suburb of Stourbridge for the inaugural Across the Dead Earth Tournament. You can see in my previous post that I was taking a gang made up of Post Apocalyptic Alice in Wonderland characters. Arriving ext...

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Across the Dead Earth - Wonderland Gang
  Once upon a time, Wonderland, the remnants of an old Theme Park on the south coast,  w as a well-defended place, a sanctuary for the survivors of the last war . That all changed when the  State, self-professed governors of the F-UK, sent out operatives fr...

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The Annual Salute Loot Post
It wouldn't be right not to have the annual Salute loot post, so here is my pile of gaming swag for this year. Microarts Infinity district 5 Terrain Microarts District 5 4x4 mat Infinity Ariadna MRRF Arcworld Battle for Troll Bridge Scenario set Hawk Wargam...

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Kings of War - Kingdoms of Men - First Units
                                                                                                                                                                    After previously sorting all the bases for my Kings of War, Kingdoms of Men project I finally...
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