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SACRED URBAN SANCTUARY..Divine Tantric Touch Massage…613 878-8179
SACRED URBAN SANCTUARY..Divine Tantric Touch Massage…613 878-8179

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Within the safe container of a serene, sacred space, a Tantra Lotus massage session helps you connect to your feminine sensuality via breath work, loving touch, movement, and profound nurturing.
🎍🎍🎍In Tantra, you can immerse yourself in the loving practice of deep awareness. Women are organic carriers of Shakti (source energy) through our womb space, place of sensual/creative power. When you invite this power into your body, you can easily release blocks and reconnect with your core energy. This creates alignment, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sacred sexuality, a powerful vehicle to expedite your journey of emotional release, helps you access greater intimacy, cultivate orgasmic energy, heal trauma and tune into your inner sensual radiance.

The tantric approach to life supports a relaxed, flexible body, open heart, calm mind, and aware sensuality that engages with life in a full-bodied way. Indeed, sex holds such tremendous potential for opening the feminine being to mystical experiences of ecstasy. In Tantra, we cultivate sexual love as a revered art since a refined spiritual practice transforms human sexuality and erotic union into a form of worship and meditation. In a nutshell, we move directly through sensual pleasure to spiritual liberation in a slow, deliberate fashion.
🍁Tantra Lotus Massage & Sex Coaching Benefits
Increase sensuality
Deepen your connection to self
Expand your pleasure potential
Boost intimacy and self-love skim
Embody your feminine essence
Balance inner masculine/feminine
Heal sex-related trauma
Channel spiritual/sexual energy to create greater vitality
In Tantra, the power of the feminine lies in her superior capacity to experience pleasure in her body and life, and share this gift with her partner. A Tantra session for women is all about supporting your ability to totally surrender to the freedom, pleasure and delight residing within your own body and heart.

A deeply committed tantric yogini and skilled sexual healer, I burn with the passion of my practice. My heartfelt mission is to heal, liberate and empower other women.

Sacred Sexuality is a powerful vehicle to use on this journey. For emotional release, achieving greater depths of intimacy, cultivating orgasmic energy, healing trauma and awakening to your radiant sensual nature. A woman's sexual awakening can propel her on a spiritual path. Men may practice celibacy and achieve spiritual enlightenment, but according to the Tantric texts women's enlightenment is facilitated by the electric charge of her orgasmic nature.
Through sensuality, breath work, intimate touch, and relaxation in a nurturing and sacred space. You will melt into ecstasy as you savour your birthright, an innate capacity for joy and pleasure
A Tantra session for women can help heal sexual wounds so that you can allow yourself to calmly radiate your own unique beauty with grace.


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ottawa tantra musings
ustomize the kind of yogasana (yoga poses) or style, nature of kriya or vinyasa (sequences) needed for your body-mind and life condition.
Never let neurotic people with abuse and trauma patterning lord their trips over you; rather, enjoy a supportive setting of unconditional love and fun without shame or embarrassment.
Freedom to wobble and fall in private. Your secret of imperfection is safe as I insist that you are perfect.

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Do you wish to become a Master Lover? Discover Eros and Aphrodite awakening in an engaging, fulfilling, satisfying session. Orgasmic love making is not just a physical phenomenon. Your whole being can blossom in love and ecstasy. Surfers are there to ride the wave, not hit the beach. Likewise, riding the wave duri.ex which makes the difference between the ordinary and the outstanding.
The sexual intimacy arena is paramount for a nurturing love partnership or happy marriage yet we are usually catapulted into life without ever being given clear information about how to make love or how to have a deeply fulfilling relationship.
World class Tantra teacher Devi Blisď developed the solution, ‘Master Lover’ a process to transform your sexual and relationship experience and lead you on the spiral to heaven.

In Master Lover Transmission, you have time to relax and go gently but deeply into the process, while all in the company of like-minded people. If you have partner,share the experience and take your relationship to a new level.
During the Master Lover group, there will be no sexual union as part of the group structure. The focus is on inspiring you to have the best love making of your life once you learn the unique Tantra techniques which are an integral Part the group. As you explore your inner landscape and interact with other participants, decide how much intimacy is best for you. Tantra empowers you to make wise life choices and embrace your full potential as an ecstatic being, alone or with a partner.

This workshop teaches:
How she function
sexually and emotionally
How he functions sexually and emotionally
Integrating love and sexuality
The male vs. female brain
New Perspectives on Sexual Anatomy
How a man can last longer during love making
Full Body Orgasm techniques
The art of maximizing woman’s orgasmic capacity
How a man can recharge himself after love making
How to use self-pleasuring as a tool for becoming a master lover
The importance of touch and methods of touch for optimum lovemaking
The spiritual nature of sexuality, love and relating
The basics of how to integrate Tantra into Sexual Relationships
The Spiral To Heaven
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BALANCE is KEY. Be Mindful. STEP BACK. Re-align yourself with your goals and passions. Everything you need is already within!

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"So daily meditation is a good idea?
A good idea? Yes. Yet know again what I have just said here. The song of the soul
may be sung many ways. The sweet sound of silence may be heard many times.
Some hear the silence in prayer. Some sing the song in their work. Some seek the
secrets in quiet contemplation, others in less contemplative surroundings.
When mastery is reached—or even intermittently experienced—the noises of the
world can be muffled, the distractions quieted, even in the midst of them. All of life
becomes a meditation.
All of life is a meditation, in which you are contemplating the Divine. This is called
true wakefulness, or mindfulness.
Experienced in this way, everything in life is blessed. There is struggle and pain and
worry no more. There is only experience, which you may choose to label in any way
you wish. You may choose to label all of it perfection.
So use your life as a meditation, and all the events in it. Walk in wakefulness, not as
one asleep. Move with mindfulness, not mindlessly, and do not tarry in doubt and
fear, neither in guilt nor self-recrimination, yet reside in permanent splendor in the
assurance that you are grandly loved. You are always One with Me. You are forever
welcome. Welcome home.
For your home is in My heart, and Mine in yours. I invite you to see this in life as you
will surely see it in death. Then you will know that there is no death, and that what
you have called life and death are both part of the same unending experience.
We are all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be, world without end.
Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
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I address
Male Sexual Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation, PE
Erectile Dysfunction, ED
Sexual impotence
Peyronie's Disease
Loss of Libido & Lack of Desire

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🍎Is clothing crushing you?
Are you trapped in tomb-like textiles, exiling your flesh from the environment?
Are you atrophying your epidermis, senses and neuro-intelligence?
We hide in cocoons, when we could be free as butterflies.
If you put a plaster cast on a broken arm the skin starves for Vitamin D, the muscles weaken due to strangled range of motion, the nerve synapses depress to a whimper of their former joy. We 21st century hominids shroud our entire skin palette except for face, neck and hands, obliterating symbiosis with the planet. Burqa-clad muslim women lose nearly 100%.
Historically speaking, many cultures were not clothes-minded. For instance, Spartans bare-bodied victories in pan-Hellenic sports competitions enticed neighboring Greeks to exercise nude, creating the word “gymnasium” (Greek, gymnos = naked). The Romans mingled in grandiose bathhouses, enjoying dense communal nudity as they drank, dined, defecated, bathed and argued politics..
Adamists, naked heretics, performed stripped-down church services in North Africa, Bohemia, the Netherlands and England. Pre-Hitler Germans were adhered to Freikorperkultur (“Free Body Culture”) with 70,000 attending co-ed Nacktkultur schools.
There are naked Japanese in hot springs, naked Finns in saunas, sky-clad Jain monks in India, plus millions of nudists worldwide attending Nakation camps, beaches and resorts.
Sporty as Spartans, these nudists eagerly hike, canoe, bicycles, ride horses, run, play volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, swim and dance while nakde..They also engage in Yoga, Tai Chi, Gardening, Bowling and more while fully nude.
Bare-all aficionados also include famous figures like Leonard Nimoy, Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Heinlein and seismologist Charles Richter. Nudism is prominent in Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld books and John Varley’s Steel Beach. Many movie stars skinny-dip at the French Riviera, trying to elude paparazzi seeking shots of Bruce WIllis or Natalie Portman in the raw.
The following evidence suggests that skin-only is superior:
Born Free. According to paediatricians, Infants thrive with a daily dose of naked time as the unhampered range of motion aids brain development, stimulating neuron growth. Recent discoveries reveal that the plastic brain changes and develops throughout our lifespan. Neuroplasticity pioneer Michael M. Merzenich believes, “Everything you can see happening in a young brain can happen in an older brain.” Is naked time equally valuable for humans of any age, especially the elderly?
Weakened Bodies. A 2003 University of Reading study entitled “A Naked Ape Would Have Fewer Parasites” posits that “humans evolved hairlessness to reduce parasite loads, especially ectoparasites that may carry disease.” Unfortunately, the garments we wear can be a breeding ground for filthy fungi and bad bacterium, causing yeast infections, urinary tract infections, rotting toenails. Lyme Disease deer ticks can grab onto our sweaters and sea lice can sneak into our bathing suit crotches. Cinched-up belts, ties, and clothes impede breathing. Men’s snug pants raise testicle temperature, lowering sperm count and fertility.
Barefoot Medicine. Going shoeless is now recognized as an anti-Alzheimer’s, brain-boosting activity because the sole sensation entices your brain into growing extra, efficient neuron connections. Dr. Norman Doidge (author of The Brain That Changes Itself) believes skipping shoes increases brain flexibility and youthful vitality. At this time, many podiatrists advise going barefoot as much as possible. Bare feet are today’s prescription. Will tomorrow’s elixir be going bare body?
Superior Socialization. Self-actualization proponent Abraham Maslow believed nudism itself to be a kind of therapy. Health benefits of social nudity include stress reduction, satiation of curiosity about the human body, reduction of porn addiction, a sense of full-body integration and developing a wholesome attitude about the opposite gender. Research at the University of Northern Iowa discovered that nudists have significantly higher body self-acceptance. Another study concluded that teens at a New York nudist camp were “extraordinarily well-adjusted, happy, and thoughtful.” When children grow up free of shame about the human body, they are likelier to enjoy happier sexual relations with their intimate partners.
Tolerant Views. In a 2008 study of 384 participants, the University of Central Florida concluded that pro-nudity students were more accepting of other religious groups and gays and lesbians in comparison to anti-nudity students. They were also less prejudiced towards ethnically dissimilar others.
Soothe Away Your Crazies. Massage is recognized as a therapeutic treatment for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarism, borderline personality disorder, learning difficulties, and low self-esteem. The skin stimulation of massage, improving blood flow and detoxifying the lymph system , s duplicated by the warmth, freedom, and improved circulation generated in nakedness.
Soak Up The Rays Vitamin D deficiency is currently soaring, with up to 75% of USA teens and adults receiving insufficient amounts of the “sunshine vitamin.” Lack of this essential health aid is a factor in numerous ailments, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. Anyone who bares all outside as a “naturist” harvests larger amounts of Vitamin D in a quicker time span.
Financial Liberation. Clothes are a huge money grab. Time-sucking shopping and laundry, not to mention the thousands of hours wasted wondering what the guy or gal next door looks like in the buff. Annual global swimsuits amount is expected to reach almost $18 billion by 2015. Clearly, our carbon footprint would shrink like a cheap sweater if fabric was no longer manufactured.
Longevity. The furry Norway Rat only lives 2-3 years whereas the Naked Mole Rat survives to be 28. Seriously, one can only benefit by receiving more Vitamin and enjoying more mobility, unrestricted by cumbersome clothing.

Will the future go for the full frontal? Will the post-Singularity planet be stripped? Will humans in a climate-controlled tomorrow strutting around like the Leni Reifenstahl's Nuba dancers and boxers, choosing nudity over haute couture.
Trends point to an era where there won’t be a stitch to worry about. Many resort areas are are now offeringnudism to increase tourism, and American naturist clubs claim their enrollment is growing 20% annually. The German airline offered nude chartered flights to a Baltic sea resort, and today’s lengthy luggage searches at airports are steering travelers to destinations where they only need carry-on towels and sunblock. Twenty million Europeans already go to nude beaches and spas.
Devi Bliss 🌻Divine Tantric Touch~Creating Harmony out of Chaos~Devi Bliss

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🍎Tantric Health & Happiness
Many work on being healthy as they think that they should. In reality, this is a poor reason to be healthy. It means that you won’t enjoy being healthy. Plus, it's likely that you will still be unhealthy on a regular basis.
Find a really personal reason to be healthy, not based on mere obligation. Then strive to find exercises, sports and healthy foods that you like, and set health milestones to track your progress.


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Find your Bliss!

1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment:
wedded bliss.
2. Theology. the joy of heaven.
3. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.
4. Archaic. a cause of great joy or happiness.
5. bliss out, Slang. to experience bliss or euphoria:
*Just give them bean sprouts and tofu and they bliss out.
*to cause to become blissful or euphoric:
*a recording guaranteed to bliss out every Bob Dylan fan.
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