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Meet the Paddle Forward Team!
Throughout our journey down the Illinois River you have followed our adventure through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media outlets. There hasn't been much opportunity to get to know our team of paddlers as the unique, beautiful individu...

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Augsburg Feature: Agriculture on the River
Hello everyone! My name is Lucie Krivanek, I am a junior at Augsburg College, and I am majoring in Environmental Studies. Today on this post I am going to discuss how agriculture affects the river. What is agriculture? Agriculture is the science of farming ...

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Engineering the River Highway
We would be remiss to not devote an entire blog to
discussing the primary human use of the Illinois River: commerce. Us paddlers
are not the main characters in this post; it’s the barges we saw, the locks and
dams we passed through, and the Army Corps of En...

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Dickson Mounds Museum
Across the River from Havana, IL resides the Dickson Mounds Museum. A property that was once owned by Dr. Don F Dickson in the late 1920’s. Dr. Dickson was working on the family farm when he discovered several grave sites from the people of the Mississipp...

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Peoria Needs a Warning Label
A month before our trip began, I
started having trouble breathing. A lot of trouble. My whole body was
uncomfortable and I couldn’t eat as I struggled for air for three weeks. I can
vividly remember one morning during that time when I woke up and was able t...

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Army Corps of Engineers: Peoria
Our stop in Peoria brought a lot of
activity for us. One of our visits was to the Army Corps of Engineers. Mike, the
Director of Operations, and Andrew, the Head of Maintenance, met with us to
teach us about the Illinois waterway, the construction of the lo...

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In 1999, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formally added the DePue/New Jersey Zinc/Mobil Chemical Superfund Site to the National Priorities List. A superfund site is an area designated by the Federal Government as both abandoned and severely p...

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Joliet to Spring Valley: Absorbing the River
section reflects on the five days of paddling between Joliet and Spring Valley,
IL. Now that we’ve spent a good chunk of time on the river, I want to talk
about the connections forming on the water. Absorbing the River Rivers
are interdisciplinary clas...

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Oh Joliet, Oh Joliet!
The Arrival We arrived in Joliet, Illinois as the evening descended upon
us. We were immediately drawn to the abandoned barges on river-right that had
the unique characteristic of being overtaken by nature being entirely covered
with trees and grass on top....

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