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Karu Marcher (Rain)
In my dreams, I am the hero. It's me.
In my dreams, I am the hero. It's me.

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So long story short, I thought I had a ticket to this convention called Tracon which is pretty soon..........but the person who bought me my ticket has now backed out and run off with it.

I am opening commissions to try to get me to Tracon. I have already ordered a place at an artist's alley table, so I need to get this con ticket pretty badly. This is really urgent, so I've discounted my commission prices for the time being.

Commission prices:
Sketch - $8
Flat colour - $13
Full colour+background - $20
Animated - $30

Payments via PayPal to Please message me for commissions. If you could consider commissioning me to help me out, I would be really grateful to you guys.
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