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Give to this great #TED talk 12mins of your day: The happy secret to better work

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"But fear not, young programmer..." - Arithmetic Compression (Ep 5, #Compressor Head)

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Compressor Head is BACK! And I'm going "bananas" over Episode 4!

( won't get the joke until you watch the episode....)

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Vim: forgot to type "sudo" before editing a file you don't have permissions on? - ‪#‎vim‬ ‪#‎linux‬

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Gear S powered by HERE Maps! 
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The new ‪#‎HERE‬ Android app is fully compatible with the new Here for Gear app:

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BOOM! Our work finally out! ‪#‎Android‬ fans rejoice: ‪#‎HERE‬ for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

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Seoul 28 August: #Samsung unveiled #Gear S. Its powerful features include pedestrian navigation provided by #HERE  :)

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Giggi Massa Gallerano was out running. He tracked 5.00 km in 33m:24s.

Slow. No energy. Nice path though. 
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