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I am continuously stunned at how much music I've missed out on over the last 17 years. The New Pornographers showed up on a Spotify recommendation playlist last week, and I've been digging into their back catalogue ever since.

Not only do I love their sound, which starts rough and becomes more polished as the various musicians in this super-group get famous and experienced in their own rights, and ...

Not only do they move into a vibe that reminds me of Arcade Fire and The Flaming Lips over the course of a few albums before sweeping out into a soundscape that's sophisticated and smart while still staying playful, but ...

Neko Case and the guy from Destroyer are integral parts of the band.

How did I not know this?

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Oh my! My game "Refuge" was one of the three winners of the Civic Games Contest!

It's a PbtA-ish game about everyday life for refugees settling into a new land. You can click through to read it at the link.

How exciting!

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+Michael Sands, have you run Cthulhu Dark yet?
I'll launch the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter on Monday 29 May, two weeks today.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm! I really appreciate anything you can do to spread the word.

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Hey, +Jenni Sands, Manic Pixie Dream Girl got a great review here:

Manic pixie dream girl
Short, sharp and self-admittedly nasty little game about a downright horrid relationship dynamic. Hidden abilities and objectives keeps everyone on their toes.

Concept: Great
System: Good
Execution: Great
Verdict: Great

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Congratulations, +Andy Millar​ on making the semi-finals!

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I really loved playing this horrible game filled with player-role asymmetry and trenchant commentary on emotional labour in relationships.
My entry on the 200 words rpg challenge. It's a response to the manic pixie dream girl trope as seen in movies such as Garden State, Liberal Arts and Ruby Sparks. It's also got a healthy dose of unpacking some previous relationship bullshit therapy in there.... enjoy?

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I am very happy with the 200 word RPG I just entered. It's something I've wanted to write since 2005(*). Now it's real, I think I want to run it at a con.

(*) I guess I can't describe it yet because the judging is anonymous.

Thoughts on Shelter In Place? My partner's buying it for me. It sounds great but I haven't read too many Actual Play reports about it.
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