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Tom Van Doorslaer
Start small, Think BIG!
Start small, Think BIG!

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So I did a session on #sitNL  about Webdynpro sexyness in a #UI5  world.

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Oh man, my tee shot was so close, But it bounced of the flag and I still walked of with a darn bogey...

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Eastern evening on Valentine:
Memoires of a geisha
And an excellent Japanese Single Malt

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The Three corners of the Management Pyramid
I have a Sunday evening ritual. To clear my mind, get the stress out of my
muscles and get drousy, every Sunday evening, I take a long hot bath. It’s
completely pointless, as the hot water does little good for sore muscles. Neither
does the warm water clear...

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yay, got a package today containing my ordered NFC tags.

Now starting implementation of a mobile app.

key features: 
- keepalive (I don't want to mess around with the lock screen whilst tagging)
- Read NFC tags
- collect location data
- Upload via REST-based service

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Pictures of  Past and present #SAP   events

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Someone is camping illegally on my balcony...

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Watch where you point that thing

British open and James Bond, perfect English evening.

Why is it, that we still do not have public eclipse update sites for SAP development tools?
- Hana Studio
- NetWeaver development studio (PO, formerly CE) containing BPM, WDJ, BRM, PI and other stuff
- ABAP tools (aka ABAP in eclipse)
- SAPUI5 package (I agree, this one is rather easy)
- Mobile development (as in, the sybase dev studio)

Wouldn't it be so much easier for developers (and companies) to simply install eclipse, configure a handful of update sites, and then just install the extra toolings needed?

For instance, I need the CE dev tools and Hana Studio. Click Click Install...

Now I have to digg through for the latest CE version, download the studio and install it. Then I have to go to the developer center at SCN to download the hana studio and install it. And now I get stuck with two eclipse instances, both for SAP development!

It's not like you can use the tools, if you don't have a licensed server, so why is it so hard to just create some public update sites?
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