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We need people to help us make the school a safer place for our kids who walk. Please help us get traffic control. Thanks!
#Clayton   #Schoolsaftey   #Jonstoncounty  
River Dell Elementary School Hazardous Traffic Conditions

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Be clear with your message on all social platforms. 
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How is your content marketing campaign? If you need some ideas to freshen up your online presence, this article from #Hubspot will help.

#contentmarketing #Exclusive25th

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Where has your thoughts taken you today? Are you where you want to be? #positivethoughts #Exclusive25th

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Check out my latest blog on why you need your business on LinkedIn. I have people ask me all of the time why their business needs to be on this platform since most people know  #LinkedIn   to be the place to go for job seekers. Now it is one of the top resources for relationship marketing! 
#Exclusive25th   #marketingdigital   #smallbiz  

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I am super excited to share my guest blog post written for Online Super Ninja! 
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Did you wonder what social media platform was promoted the most during the #superbowl2015 ? The results may surprise you! 
#socialmediastrategy   #socialmediahelp   #Exclusive25th  

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I often find myself with writers block when trying to come up with a subject line for my content. That all stopped when I found this super awesome tool! Plus, it's fun to make up silly sayings with it when I'm needing a brain break! See for yourself, click the link below and make awesome subject lines!
#exclusive25th   #contentmarketing   #blogging  

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Are you having trouble keeping up with all of the changes with #facebook ? This post from #hootsuite  should help you catch up! 
#exclusive25th   #smallbiz  

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Do you know how to get Facebook to like you? It takes strategy. This article from #socialmediaexaminer will help you stay in Facebook's favor.
#exclusive25th #Smallbiz 
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