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Josh T Jordan
High School Literature Teacher, Game Publisher, Preacher
High School Literature Teacher, Game Publisher, Preacher

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Birthday party
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Basic D&D/OSR/B&X/Clone fans, I want your opinion on +Ben Milton's Maze Rats. Specifically, I'm curious whether it feels like a basic game to you, or whether it feels more indie/story.

I realize this is a false dilemma. It can be both. And people can disagree about whether a game fits in a certain genre or not.

But I want to know people's perceptions. This is essentially a marketing question. I'm thinking about making a weird horror hack with +Thomas Novosel, which will pull it a little bit farther from a standard dungeon crawl. Will that still feel like a basic game to you, or will it feel more like a 3rd wave Forge-derived game?

Would your Labyrinth Lord and Whitehack loving friends play a weird horror hack of this game?

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Creators in Need
I recently posted on Google+ asking that game-related creators in hardship respond to my post with their various product sales pages or portfolios. I got quite a few responses, which is both great (lots of people to share about!) and bad (lots of hardship!)...

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Coin Flip
A 2-player game by Sam Jordan and his dad
You need a handful of different coins.
1. Players start with different-sized coins.
Sam has a penny. Josh has a dime.

2. Flip your coins.

3. If both players get heads, nothing happens. Traditionally, one player will say some encouraging to the other, but this is not required.
Josh tells Sam, "Good job. That was a close one, dude."

4. If one player gets heads and the other gets tails, trade coins.
Sam gets a tails. Josh gets a heads. They trafe coins, so Sam has the dime and Josh has the penny.
5. If both players get tails, the person who flipped the larger coin wins the game.
Both Sam and Josh get heads. Sam, who has the dime, is the winner.

6. If both players have time, it is traditional to challenge the other player to best two out of three.
Sam says, "Good game, Dad. Would you like to play best two out of three?"

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In the interest of transparency, I'm posting Ginger Goat's 2017 YTD sales. My guess is that this will help some other indie game designer/publisher, though I don't enough about your business to say how it might help you.

What can I tell you about the business side of Ginger Goat? Ask me anything.

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The latest episode of my 5-10 minute poetry podcast features a poem by Kamala Das about language, race, and gender.

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What, like a gooseberry?
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