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Lila Redden (RedLila)
It always matters less than you think it does.
It always matters less than you think it does.

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Hey Everyone! Check out my first solo Let's Play!

Reposting from my Facebook:

"I've seen more than a few back and forth posts on the bathroom bills coming up lately and I'd like to take a moment to give a brief response.

Public places, by definition, are public, Including restrooms. There has historically been nothing illegal about going in one vs the other. What you do in the restroom once you're in there could be potentially illegal, be it voyeuristic, exhibitionist, or sexual assault, but your presence is not, in and of itself illegal. If you do any of those things, we have laws to prosecute. These laws, however, do something unprecedented. They take a public space and make it illegal to enter it but only for a specific class of people. This doesn't make it any easier to prosecute someone who committed one of the above crimes, it just make it illegal if you notice the restroom marked women or men is out of order and so you use the other. It assumes that heterosexual men are the only perpetrators of these crimes and that a significant portion of them perform these acts while trying to pretend to be the opposite gender. 

Meanwhile, before any bathroom bills like these existed, bathrooms where trans people would not be harassed were already scarce enough someone made an app to help us find family, single occupancy, and gender neutral restrooms in our local area.

Claiming these laws aren't targeted at trans people is a red herring as I demonstrated above. Whether you call it transphobia or not, that's all this is at its core. We're third class citizens, so maligned that when someone made the suggestion that an entire group of people should be banned from a public space, instead of being appalled at such discriminatory over reach, they made it a law."

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