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"Hiring managers may be tempted by a fresh perspective or a prestigious résumé, but they 'underestimate how hard it is to integrate new people,' he said."

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When talking about the competitive advantage of NOT supporting IE...

"Recruitment secret weapon. It warms our hearts to see the look of incredulous joy on the face of a job candidate when we assure them “You heard right, we really don’t support IE.” If this sounds interesting, check out our open positions."

Base on my recent experience dealing with an IE bug and Microsoft Support, I won't be surprise.

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對 The new iPad 少少感想:

- Camera 提升至 5M. 但今日流行的手機, 如 iPhone 4/4s, SII, Xperia Arc/S 等, 5M 只是不過不失.
- Retina display, 提升畫質. 但這是有代價的...

- 部機厚左, 仲重左 (1.44 lbs). 單手能拿著多久?
- 電池大左, 但使用時間不變, 代表耗電量多左, 長時間用, 預期熱量亦會提升.
- Retina Display 的 pixel量是 iPad2 的 4 倍, 但 GPU 只快了 2 倍, 如要提升畫質, 3D rendering 應該會慢左.

如果用緊 iPad2, 何必 upgrade? 亦有點懷疑沒有了 Steve Jobs, Apple Inc 是否走錯了路...
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