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Sarah Downie
A short person attending art school
A short person attending art school

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Happy 2017!!
This year has felt the longest time for me, as I am finishing my senior year of Montserrat to the next step (whatever that will be). But I got to say, that I have been enjoying the illustrations that I made and what I want to work with more on. My current g...

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Long Over Due
 It has been a lot more harder to keep this updated, as this year is more focused on putting a children book together. These are just the work in progress piece of the double spreads I have now, painted in heavy body acrylics and gouache medium. The best pa...

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Inktober Week 1
Hey, I don't really have as much to update on, just working more with oils, acrylics, watercolors and gouache medium. But now I'm part take in this year's Inktober, and you can follow along with myself and many other artists who are participating. I'll be r...

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Night Owl Mode
Already my day been long, long, long. More often I will find myself forgetting there's a clock setting on my phone and will be sneaking to my bed at 4-5 in the morning. I am happy that my book layout are done, so I can see them in book form and alter them, ...

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Lot of Painting time
            The pass couple of days and weeks has been slowly coming together. Getting together a work schedule, and by that I mean the best time to get liberal studies done and having the rest of the week devoted to my painting classes. For Thesis, it been...

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The Rest of my Classes
         So this has been my official first week of classes. I know all my classes and I had an idea how its going to work out. The two remaining classes that I didn't have last week was Cinematic Storytelling and Humanities II. The other liberal course is ...

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Reaching Senior Year!!!
            Here and back again, and now arrived at my Senior year!! It gone way too fast, when leaping from little freshman year to the final stop of college. Just coming back has me freaking out, in a good way and bad, but I'm finally settled in officiall...

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July Update
Hey, long time for everyone I know. Pretty much I had to find work else to do, which is now priming unfinished windows and doors of the house. Then while prepping my senior year thesis project, I have been trying to finish the series of illustrated letters ...

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Thoughts and prayers to the victims & their families of the Orlando shooting.  #prayfororlando #prayforpulse #pride

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Pray of Orlando
Our thoughts and prayers to the victims & their families of the Orlando shooting.  #prayfororlando #prayforpulse #pride
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