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Great season ladies!

Merry Christmas!!

#Euro2012 begins today, USA World Cup Qualifying begins tonight, and Ethan begins goal keeper camp today. Can't wait!

#Celtic Pride.That is all!

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Wake up America!!
Half Of Germany running on Solar power!!!

When is America going to get its head out of the sand and get with the program? Solar is cheap and feasible now, there is no reason we can't surpass what Germany is doing. Is there any coincidence Germany is one of the only thriving economies on the planet? it's called getting out of the oil economy. Oh yeah, we're too busy worrying about homosexuality and abortion, who's got time for real issues?

Using Streamified to be able to integrate Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

"What every player should strive to achieve is, instead of worrying what your opponent is doing, make him worry about what you're doing. How is this done? By having possession of the ball."--Pep Guardiola

Yes, Pep, yes.

Almost time for Barca v Real Madrid. It will be epic.

"See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts
The grey instead of the whites and the blacks
If you shoot it to straight they won't come back
We're selling the news" - Jon Foreman

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