Hey Canada, WTF? Or: Wow, I Thought Getting My Passport Was a POTA!

I'm investigating registering my soon-to-be-born baby's birth with Canada so we can get the passport to visit Canada for Xmas.

Before I can do that, I need to get a certificate of citizenship (which apparently can take 6-12 months). The form that I need to fill out is... well, typical bureaucratic nonsense, but that's fine.

Here's the kicker, among the many items they require are two pieces of photo ID.

What? For a newborn? Okay, assuming I get the Japanese passport first (which I don't want to do, because we need the Canadian one to force them to use the correct Romaji), that's one piece. What the fuck other piece of ID is a newborn infant going to have? His tractor-trailer operator's license?

How would I do this if my wife wasn't Japanese and my child didn't have the potential of having a Japanese passport to travel under? Would we be stuck in Japan until Canada finished the paperwork? Am I just simply misunderstanding something?


(This is all aggravated by the fact that I made myself a pizza tonight and then accidentally dropped it on the floor, upside down.)


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