Someone just posted this awful article on Facebook:

Summary: The article argues that not tipping is kind of a jerky behaviour, which I agree with. However, it then goes on to defend the practice of tipping as if THE VERY FABRIC OF OUR SOCIETY DEPENDED ON IT. THERE IS LITERALLY NO ALTERNATIVE, PEOPLE.

No alternative? Really? Could we not just force restaurants to pay their staff a living wage and be done with the barbaric practice of tipping altogether?

The article is totally BS when it deals with this, saying that prices of food will double etc. Bullshit. Japan is supposed to be one of the most expensive countries in the world. It is where I live. There is no tipping. Is the food more expensive? No. In fact, I usually spend less on an equivalent meal in Japan than I do in Ontario. The final food prices are generally the same as Canadian prices are before the tax and the tip. Sometimes a bit cheaper, sometimes a bit more expensive. ALWAYS cheaper after the tax, though, in my experience.

Okay, the portions are sometimes smaller, I suppose (although not always). But seriously, do you need a plate the size of a stereo system?

Oh, and when did 20% become the minimum tip?

I'm not cheap. I tip when I'm in Canada. Usually between 15% and 20%, mostly depending on how often my water/pop gets refilled. But I hate doing it. Not because I begrudge service workers their money, but because I think the practice is wrong: it isn't actually a motivator for anything other than forced cheeriness (which is exhausting, because then I have to be forcibly cheery in return); it forces me to guess how much my meal is going to cost ("okay, that's 8.95 plus 17.5% tip and 13% HST..."); and it is actually unfair to the servers. (Think about it: if the owner does a bad job of marketing and not very many diners show up, why should the servers suffer for that?)

This article in SLATE was pretty interesting:

So for now, I will keep tipping when I'm in Canada, because that's how the wait staff make their money, but I think anyone  in favour of that system is mental.

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