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The Art Institute of Philadelphia
1622 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
This "school" not a school its a scam should be sued for fraud and shut down. As a former student here I regret and am em barrenest to say I graduated from this retarded school. This school is rip off, meant to rob people dry out of their money and doesnt teach them anything. The teachers well most of them are incompetent imbeciles who know nothing about design. I was in the Industrial Design program we were supposed to learn Solidworks which is an essential software for product design the teacher who taught the class didnt even know the program himself. LOL as amazing as that sounds. They didnt teach us Alias another essential design program for Industrial Design Field which now im forced to learn by myself. Out of all the teachers I had except for George Nista and Kim who taught Rhino 3d and a few exceptions of the GE teachers every single other teacher is incompetent and does not know anything about design. How these people became teachers is beyond me. All the teachers did is slack off for 4 hours and collect a paycheck. Some of the teachers in the IDT program couldnt even draw? WTF! thats how pathetic this school is. The other departments are even more incompetent and retarded than the teachers. Nobody was in their office when you needed to see them from the financial aid to the other people. and even when you could find them in their office they were too incompetent and retarded to do anything for you.WTF do these people get paid for. Financial Aid department are con artists, they dont explain nothing they just take loans and rob you blind. I just found out the are connected with Sallie Mae and try to push students away from other lenders. They get a cut back from Sallie Mae and Goldman Sachs which owns this school. First year classes were $320 per 4 hr class, then it went up to $420 then $470 then + hidden fees lab fees and technology fees and other crap and of course nobody explains you any of this before you take any loans. This school is a scam a lie thieves con artists money grabbing lying cheating cunts from the staff who works here to the teachers. You go to the financial aid office "here sign this" BAM $10,000 loan, fees and intrests went up sign this BAM $5,000 loan. They said they had in field connections they would promote my portfolio to design firms and help me find a job, I managed to graduate, Nothing. not even a single lead. The so called Career Adviser is a fat ass I literally mean fat 400 lbs fat who sits behind a pc screen and forwards you Craigslist wanted ads. WTF? at one point the so called "career adviser" gave me a advice of applying at a tint shop for $10 hr after dropping $90,000 for a degree from this retarded school. Thats what kind of school this is. I went a year after graduation with no job and the art institue didnt even bother to give me a call or a lead thank god for craigslist. Literally I mean Literally you will have a better chance of finding a job in the design field from Craigslist than from the Art Institute. Words can not describe how retarded this school is. They claim their students get hired right off graduation and 70% of all graduates make some $35,000 a year all lies, graduates will be lucky if they find an intership for $10 an hour. The only thing that comes out of this school is broke and depressed students. This school is a loan shark you would be better if you borrowed money from the mafia. I owe $80,000 for school + interest it has gotten over the years I dont even know nor do I care anymore Im not paying a single dime back fuck that. Forget this couple of years Im moving to Europe Fuck you Art Institute payback is a bitch, you shove that worthless diploma up your ass because im not paying a dime! And if people want to still go or consider going here good luck mate I tried to warn you. Best to all this school Sucks! Community College of Philadelphia costs around $5,000 a year you will get a better education and degree if you go there at least there the teachers did their job and taught you something I know because I transferred from Community to this shit school what a waist for fucking $90,000 I could have studied in Munic Germany, or Italy or France or some other top of the line school instead I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia and got nothing but is OK I havent payed anything nor do I intend to do so.
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Where the SErbs got their organs removed
  • Taliban University of Terrorism, Alipasha Institue of Gayreek Butchering
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