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Eden Havara
Eden is on a journey to a cortisone free lifestyle after suffering from eczema for 9 years.
Eden is on a journey to a cortisone free lifestyle after suffering from eczema for 9 years.

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Update wrt Caden
Most of you are aware of Caden's horrific injury last year April: he was attacked by a stranger who hurled a brick through his father's motor vehicle while they were driving ... the brick hit Caden against the side of his head and he suffered a traumatic br...

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Update wrt Eden and Caden
It's been a crazy crazy CRAZY 3 years!! Eden started with tsw 3 years ago ... and I am so happy to say that she is doing remarkably well and have blossomed through every one of her trials. She still has a bit of eczema behind her knees and folds of her arms...

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2 YEARS TSW ANNIVERSARY AND HER SKIN IS LOOKING REALLY REALLY GOOD!! Eden's been at school every single day this year (so far) with no major flares ... no major skin issues... just doing really well...enjoying life ... finally feeling peace, joy, healing .....

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22 months
Just a few pics of Eden's progress. She is now 22 month tsw and have had a wonderful first start to the year with only minor flares here-and-there. Unfortunately the skin at the back of her legs are still irritated and full of spots as well as her lower bac...

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Merry Christmas
Another year is basically done and dusted ... 19 months since we've last used oral or topical Cortisone (Steroids) for Eden's eczema ... her skin is certainly far from perfect but we are one step closer to complete and final healing. She's visiting her dad ...

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Underground Wellness
My new obsession!! I am very quickly developing an absolute passion for this! Have learned sooooooooo much from the sessions  ... from GMO foods to leaky gut to allergies ... parasites, candida .... and how food is medicine .....

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3 week flare
Each one of Eden's major flares this year have lasted 3 weeks ... this past one was the same but it hit hard and fast and caused so much skin damage that it will take at least 2x or 3x that time to heal and start looking normal again. I will post more pics ...

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18 months Flare
Haven't been blogging for a couple of months due to ... our new family member, Meya born early August. We have been so blessed because the first 2 months of her life was absolute bliss with Eden's skin ... and then they went on holiday to the bush and she c...

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FINALLY ..... a break!
Since March this year Eden have consistently flared every 2 to 3 weeks ... but we have finally had a break!! We are at the 4 week mark without any flares and her skin is looking sooooo good ... better than it has in months!! She is now 14 months TSW. We sto...

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Lymph glands
Okay, so I know everyone that experiences TSW are having enlarged lymph glands ... which thankfully disappear once they are cured. BUT Eden's lymph glands have swollen and been popping up everywhere ... behind her ears (it's almost 2cm big), under her armpi...
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