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I'll tell you, that is one of the reasons I don't come to south fla and the Keys to fish. You need to be a Philidelpha lawyer and a Marine Patrol trainer to understand all the stupid rules and laws currently on the books. You can for something on one side of A1A but not the other. Just plain stupid.
Florida Keys Fishing Regulations Could Soon be Updated!

Finally some logistical sense could be made out of the numerous fishing regulations that affect anglers fishing the Florida Keys.  

Promising conversation could yield more friendly restrictions benefiting anglers and commercial fishermen alike.

This link has additional information on Florida Keys fishing regulations and useful Florida Keys fishing tips.

Come on, I'm sure there's someone out there with some pictures and stories.

SF better get some game

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Chad Requa, I added you to a circle so you can join the room.

Fishing in S. Mississippi is pretty good, but not when it's 42 degrees.

What's the deal with everyone getting excited about catching Carp? Do people actually eat them? We use to use them for furtilizer.

Question...What is the size and catch limit for the Triple Tail (Black Fish) here in Mississippi waters?

Well, I joined the Coastal Conservation Association last night. They promote fishing and conservation of marine resources, covering 27 states, both fresh and salt water. Can't wait to be shown new fishing holes. 
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