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Hey guys. My one players wants to know if he can make more fetishes using the Fetish Creator Edge in Deadlands. If he does not use the fetish in the game, can it be carried over to next week? And how many can he have?

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"Get your Doctor here! Fresh Doctor Who! Right here!"

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Have a look guys, some amazing work by +Ronnie Walton​
Back in May, I ran +Just Insert Imagination​​'s game, Size Matters, at +Chupacabra Con​​ IV. It was a blast!

I finally got around to typing up what I call a "Play-by-Play" Report, which can be read here:

I've also attached pics of the LEGO minis I put together, in action. Enjoy!
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...along with an Eastern Front mission: Stalingrad on Fire.

This is an ambitious project for me, bringing together the cartographic talents of +Morne Schaap and the artwork of +Luigi Castellani to help facilitate grid and miniatures play on VTTs or at home. If you check it out, let me know what you think!

From the blurb:

OWB: Tactical Combat is a sourcebook for WWII: Operation Whitebox that offers a more tactical approach to combat encounters.

The combat rules presented in the WWII: Operation WhiteBox core rulebook take place mainly in the “Theater of the Mind”. This means that the Referee sets the scene and decides whether or not a character is capable of a certain maneuver, action, or attack.

The OWB: Tactical Combat rules are designed for groups who prefer a more visual representation of combat, particularly those who play online. These rules are not meant to mimic the complexity of a true wargame. Instead, the focus is on small unit actions involving a squad of enemies and/or a handful of vehicles battling it out in a single playing area—the kind of combat most commonly encountered in WWII: Operation WhiteBox.

If you prefer using miniatures and grid-based maps, check out OWB: Tactical Combat now!

Special thanks to +Kelly Davis, +Brandon Goeringer, and +Michael Benedict for helping with playtesting!

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Have a look, guys!
[OWB: Tactical Combat + Mission] So, as many of you know I have been working on a set of rules-lite tactical combat rules that uses a battlemat and 1" grids. The rules PDF should be ready for release in the next week or so. I will also be releasing a set of three support missions set in Stalingrad that make use of these rules (but can also be played without them).

A grid map will accompany the Stalingrad missions. The map will be available in two downloadable versions---one is optimized for use with a VTT such as Roll20; the other is split into 8.5 x 11 squares and is designed to be printed and used at the table. Each map will be accompanied by Tokens (simple character and vehicle images) to be used as Miniatures.

Art by +Luigi Castellani and maps by +Morne Schaap. Here's a sample of what it'll look like.

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Good episode! 
This was released on a Saturday and flew under the radar. Good episode nonetheless!

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