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Lynn McIntosh
I am not a great gardener - probably not even a good gardener, but I very much enjoy trying to make my surroundings as beautiful as possible.
I am not a great gardener - probably not even a good gardener, but I very much enjoy trying to make my surroundings as beautiful as possible.

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Art Journal Pages
Well, I finally cleaned and organized my workspace, so I feel more like painting in my studio now.  It's still in a bit of disarray, so I won't be showing it to you - Ha!  But, it's much better than it was.  Here, I've done a quick journal page in acrylics ...

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More Visitors!
Oh, I love it when I get animal visitors to the yard!  This Gopher Tortoise is an especially welcome friend.  Now, I didn't flip it over to see if it was a him or a her, so I'll just call this one a "him".   He didn't really move much, so I only photographe...

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Little Garden Paintings
I've been painting some goofy little canvases with a garden theme to give my Etsy shop a bit of a lift.  This one I titled Windowsill Garden. This one is The Herbalist.  I've got a line with Grey-Haired Gardeners going.  :) I think her gloves are my favorit...

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Just Like the White Winged Dove
You know I've got that Stevie Nicks song in my head!  We've been seeing this lone white winged dove in the backyard lately.  Every time I see it - BAM - Stevie pops in.  Luckily, I happen to like that song.  Here's the first verse, so you can sing along too...

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Painted Planters
Our dogs eat a lot of green beans as part of their doggie dinners, so I decided to save some of the cans to use for plant cuttings or starting seeds.  Then I thought - well, I can spiff them up a bit with some paint...and that's how these Mexican flower mot...

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A New Visitor
Last month, this big pigeon landed out by the garage.  He was absolutely HUGE - well, at least I thought he was.  I don't think I've ever seen a pigeon in Florida and certainly not close up.   Anyway, I didn't notice until I looked at the photos today, that...

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Paper Making
Here's my first attempt at making handmade paper.  I used a bunch of scraps from mostly white paper with little to no script on it.  It turned out pretty good for my first try.  It's quite thick, but I hope to improve.  And - homemade paper tends to be a bi...

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Junk Journal
So, this is my version of a "junk journal".  I wipe any excess paint that I have leftover from a painting session and make little abstracts with it.  I've been using an old card deck for this, but I'm sure I could come up with other things to paint when the...

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Altered Rolodex Fun
I'm trying my hand at making altered rolodex cards.  What's a rolodex card you ask?  Yup, I know - this will date me considerably, haha.  Before computers, before cellphones, to keep track of contacts and their information, they'd be written or typed on a c...

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A Little Garden
I came across this cute little poem the other day when I was making some altered rolodex cards for an art trade.  I think it pretty much describes every garden I've ever had and very much describes my style of gardening  :) When I took this photo of the Til...
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