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Divorce in Georgia
Learn the steps you can take to break the news of you and your spouse’s decision to get divorced in Georgia. If you have a teenager, the initial news and ensuing process could pose especially difficult conversations and moments. Read about what you may expect your child to feel during this time as well as what not to do.

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Interlock Device Laws in Georgia
Read this article to find out more information about ignition interlock devices and how they are ordered in certain DUI cases. Learn how these devices work to keep convicted DUI offenders from driving drunk. Understand when a judge may order the use of IIDs and how a criminal defense attorney may provide assistance to those who have been charged with drinking and driving.

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Will New Lineup Protocols Reduce Georgia Eyewitness Errors?
Check out this article about the steps that Georgia lawmakers have taken to reduce the risk of eyewitness misidentifications. Starting in July 2016, authorities will be required to conduct lineups in a manner that should help prevent eyewitnesses from developing biases or feeling pressured to make identifications. Learn about the specific changes made and the factors that could still give rise to eyewitness errors.

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Why Innocent People May Develop Incriminating Memories
Take a look at this article about new research that suggests innocent people could be susceptible to creating false memories of crimes. Surprisingly, even mild outside influences may cause a person to generate a vivid and convincing false memory. Learn more about this study and its alarming implications for law enforcement interrogation procedures. 
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