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Zazen, or Zen meditation is a very powerful spiritual process, but it does not aim to empower the mind but the very spirit of life, so it does not empower the mind or dis-empower it. Life is what we truly are and it/we ARE spiritual. Read more....

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Thinking in Circles and then... Zen

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Derek Ayre commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks.. The test helped me a lot too... A learning curve, but made some great improvements. 

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A Master
A Master... And this is it. Trust. Total trust.  And you can choose! Life can be a master;  a stone on the ground can be a master - a butterfly... Trust that there is something to learn. Sorrow of some loss, can be a master. Fear of that sorrow, even though...

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Gavins Music
Gavin's Music is the result of a challenge that came from my
writing group. The challenge was to write a novella in around 6 weeks.  Why 6 weeks? Because a new literary agent in
Wales wanted books written about life in Wales.  Fiction was permitted. Well, a...

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My Latest Novel for Kids - The Corridor
This is a novel for kids I wrote some time ago and decided to to create a Kindle E-book on Amazon It is a tale of sci-fi, sorcery and adventure, that penetrates into the heart of ancient Viking society. Suitable for children from around 10 years onwards.  O...

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At last.. My E-book novel live!  :-)

Moving (back) to total zero.. No-mind, no-thingness. Everything dropped for a moment, including identity, including lessons from all the great masters..  Can we have such total trust?  This is zazen's aim. But do not aim for aiming is trying to become what we already are. 

Then what? There is so much to be gained from this. The present moment. Being reborn over and over from moment to moment, and that doesn't really exist either if we truly drop all.   And trust the moment again and again and again, for the moment has never existed before and can never be certain, because it does and then does not exist, instantly. 

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The aphids strip the plant of its life-force.... It is natural.

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Zen Waiting
Waiting is an art of acceptance of being in the now, just waiting for the moment of... Any time.. Always waiting, and paradoxically, crea...
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