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Zazen, or Zen meditation is a very powerful spiritual process, but it does not aim to empower the mind but the very spirit of life, so it does not empower the mind or dis-empower it. Life is what we truly are and it/we ARE spiritual. Read more....

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Thinking in Circles and then... Zen

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Derek Ayre commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks.. The test helped me a lot too... A learning curve, but made some great improvements. 

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A Master
A Master... And this is it. Trust. Total trust.  And you can choose! Life can be a master;  a stone on the ground can be a master - a butterfly... Trust that there is something to learn. Sorrow of some loss, can be a master. Fear of that sorrow, even though...

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Gavins Music
Gavin's Music is the result of a challenge that came from my
writing group. The challenge was to write a novella in around 6 weeks.  Why 6 weeks? Because a new literary agent in
Wales wanted books written about life in Wales.  Fiction was permitted. Well, a...

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My Latest Novel for Kids - The Corridor
This is a novel for kids I wrote some time ago and decided to to create a Kindle E-book on Amazon It is a tale of sci-fi, sorcery and adventure, that penetrates into the heart of ancient Viking society. Suitable for children from around 10 years onwards.  O...

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At last.. My E-book novel live!  :-)
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