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William Rusho
Writer, historian, marital artist and author.
Writer, historian, marital artist and author.

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The Medieval Guild.

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Learn a Trade with a Medieval Guild
Shoemakers (1558) Jost Amman Paul Lacroix ;   published in the U.S. before 1923 and public
domain in the U.S. We have spoken much in this blog about weapons, or tools,
architecture etc in the middle/renaissance period; but who were the people that
made thes...

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Entertainment at a Medieval/Renaissance Faire

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Who’s who at the Medieval Faire
Last week I commented on the medieval/renaissance faires I
am planning on attending this year.   I
know some of you might be able to go to these faires, others might not be able
to. A faire is only as good as those who are there to educate or put on a

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Medieval/Renaissance Faires 2017
Normally, I would wait until late spring to do a list of
medieval fairs I was going to attend this year. However, there is a winter
faire coming up, so I am posting earlier than normal. The majority of these faires I am planning to, some I may
attend. Many ...

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Surviving A Long Winter in Medieval Europe
“Peasant Breaking Bread “published in the US before 1923 and
public domain in the US. Since we are now in the end of January, I thought I would
discuss how people lived in Medieval Europe during the winter. First, you must remember I am writing in generic p...

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Daz Studio, A software you need to try.

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DAZ Studio- Program that’s fun, and easy to use
As many of you know, I do not write many product
reviews.   So this is very different for
me; the last time I did one of these was for Lummi Photo Printing Kit . As with
this review before, I want to state I do not get any financial reward or
compensation f...

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The fairs and attractions of 2016

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Looking back at 2016: Fairs and Events
Last week I recapped all the medieval faires I attended over
2016, this week we will discuss the other types of fairs, attractions and
events. As with my blog about the medieval faires, this one will also include
links to those previous blogs in case you wi...
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