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Those who can, teach.
Recently I was presented with an article released on
Huffington Post, you can find this article here .  Teachers always seem to be
presented as the bad guys, the ones that cannot do anything. After all, “those
who can’t do, teach.” Teachers have been given ...
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Family, Farms, and FIRE...arms
has always been a time of relaxation in my family, well, for everyone except my
mom. While the rest of the family laughs, plays cards, and shares stories, she
is always the one slaving away in the kitchen. This year however was ...
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The Crazy Ones
“If most of the class doesn’t get it, it is our
responsibility. If 25 percent of the class doesn’t get it, it is still our
responsibility. And if one child doesn’t get it, it remains our responsibility.
It’s not about teaching the same lesson over and over ...
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Who I am.
One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t
forget where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going.” This
quote can be interpreted in so many different ways and I think that is what
drew me to it. In this instance I interpreted it as meaning, learn...
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