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Law Enforcement & Military Equipment & Supplies
Law Enforcement & Military Equipment & Supplies


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Watch Jim Davis, Tactical Equipment Specialist at OfficerStore, give a quick rundown on the features and benefits of the Eidolon Holster System by Raven Concealment Systems. 
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                                           New Boker Knives

We're here today to tell you about two, great, NEW knives from BOKER. So let's dive right in, shall we? First up--the Boker Plus Urban Trapper Knife. What a name!

This slim and lightweight, yet durable variation on a classic trapper pocket knife is so popular it's already on backorder! Don't worry, we'll get it in soon for you. But at a mere 8mm grip thickness, the Boker Plus Urban Trapper is an outstandingly slim knife that offers amazing functionality!

The large holes in the Urban Trapper's titanium handle help to make that knife lightweight and to be carried conveniently in whatever you're wearing! It features a durable ball-bearing, hinged VG-10 blade that can be quickly deployed using its flipper.

Blade Length: 3 3/7”
Overall Length: 7 5/8”
Weight: 1.7 oz
Blade Material: VG-10
Handle Material: Titanium
Lightweight and slim design enables knife to be conveniently carried in a suit pocket or a pair of light summer pants or shorts

The other great Boker knife is the Plus Griploc. This knife is designed by Grant and Gavin Hawn, father and son custom knife makers. This knife is elegant and it's keystone is in it's intelligent handle design.

The Boker Plus Griplock features a 3 1/2" long AUS-8 Stainless Steel Blade that is opened with the flipper on the knife's handle. The design of this keeps the blade open as long as you hold the knife and allows you to easily close it once you release the handle. If you want the blade to be permanently secured you just use the safety slider on the end of the handle to do so!

The Boker Plus Griploc includes a pocket clip for easy and convenient storage and retrieval. This knife is compact, easy to use, and a great tool for all tactical purposes!
Blade Length: 3 1/2”
Overall Length: 7 1/2”
Weight: 3 oz.
Blade Material: AUS-8
Handle Material: Aluminum
Intelligent handle design keeps the blade open while you hold the knife and enables you to easily close the blade when you release the handle
Includes black handle scales and pocket clip
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                          New! Pelican: ProGear Shotgun Case

Pelican cases are amazing and truly withstand the test of time.  They're made of a high-performance resin exterior, and the molded foam interior makes it the perfect Shotgun Case giving you a new, safe and dependable way to transport your firearm. 

The NEW Pelican ProGear Shotgun Case features HPX high-performance resin body that will protect sensitive equipment from harsh weather conditions. It has specialized, expanded polypropylene foam interior that's designed to store pump or semi-automatic shotguns and accessories. 

This case features six strong Press & Pull latches to keep the case secure in rough conditions, whiel the rifle owner can easily open the case at any altitude. The silicone sponge O-ring seal on the lid helps to keep that case water-tight and dustproof to further protect those guns.

This ProGear Shotgun Case includes two double-layered, soft-grip carrying handles and two in-line wheels so you can comfortably and simply transport your shotguns and accessories. 

The easy and dependable way to transport your shotgun and accessories is this---this is the case for you.

Features at a glance:
Watertight and dustproof
HPX® high-performance resin body protects sensitive equipment from harsh weather conditions
Specialized expanded polypropylene foam interior is designed to store pump or semi-automatic shotguns and accessories
6 strong Press & Pull latches to keep case secure in rough conditions
4 padlock-compatible hasps
2 double-layered, soft grip carrying handles
Automatic Pressure Equalization Vortex® Valve
Silicone sponge O-ring seal
2 in-line wheels
Interior Dimensions (L x W x D): 50.5" x 14" x 6" (128.2 x 35.5 x 15.2 cm)
Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D): 53.8" x 16.5" x 6.7" (136.6 x 41.9 x 17 cm)
Lid Depth: 2” (5.1 cm)
Bottom Depth: 4” (10.2 cm)
Total Depth: 6” (15.2 cm)
Weight: 19.1 lbs (8.7 kg) without foam; 23 lbs (10.4 kg) with foam
Temperature Range: -20 / 140° F (-29 / 60° C)
Also available in a Rifle Case.

Check them out here to get yours today.
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              Gear up for the cold: Taylors Leatherwear Jacket

It's that time of year where outerwear becomes necessary and with all the Taylors Leatherwear Jackets we've got at you've got a great selection to choose from. We'll showcase a few of them here, and then you can see them all for yourself on our website.

A leather jacket is an investment but here's why a Taylor Leatherwear Jacket outperforms the rest:
Water Resistant: Will repel water for up to 2 hours before becoming saturated
Fire Resistant: Providing critical protection
Abrasion Resistant: USDOT tests have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other clothing material, including Kevlar
Windproof: Leather pores contract in cold weather, providing an effective barrier
Durable: Outlasts almost any other type of clothing
Economical: Assuming a very conservative 10 year life, a $350-$400 jacket costs only $35-$40 per year
Professional Appearance: Project a professional and authoritative image. NYPD has documented a reduction in attacks on officers wearing leather in comparison to those wearing cloth.

                New Orleans 25" Cowhide Jacket with Permanent                                                                Thinsulate Liner

Cowhide, 25" Length
Permanent Thinsulate Liner
Large Kidney Pad
1 Inside Pocket
Zippered Sleeves and Pocket
4 Equipment Loops
Bi-Swing Back

          N.Y.P.D. 34" Cowhide Jacket with Zip-Out Thinsulate Liner

Cowhide, 34" Length
Zip-out Thinsulate Liner
Button Front
2 Inside “Stealth” Pockets
Side Vents
Equipment Loops
Bi-Swing Back

           Atlanta 25" Cowhide Jacket with Zip-Out Thinsulate Liner

Cowhide, 25" Length
Zip-Out Thinsulate Liner
2-Inside "Stealth" Pockets
Side Zippers
Concealable Reflective Panels

These and so many more great, new Taylors Leatherwear Jackets can be found on our blog. Stay warm this winter season and bundle up with Taylors Leather.
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                                    New Oakley Assault Boots

When you're on the scene as a police officer or military you never know what the situation is going to bring. It's possible you could be running after a target, and what a terrible feeling to be held back by heavy boots, not able to run at your full potential?

Well, not anymore---not with these new Oakley Assault boots. They've been engineering their share of combat gear for the U.S. Military including boots for even the Elite Special Forces. So these Oakley Lightweight Assault Boots won't disappoint! This footwear is designed for improved comfort in hot environments.

The Oakley Assault's are made with optimized breathability by eliminating the foams that normally add thermal shielding in cold domains, but keeping all the other premium innovations you can expect from Oakley.

The Assault Boot is jump-ready, thanks to the over-the-ankle support shaft and a low profile lacing system that reduces possible entanglement issues. These boots give you that lightweight design and feel which was inspired by athletic shoes. The synthetic leather is soft and quiet. Stability will be no issue in these boots---because Oakley put a lot of research and development into the footprint to give you rock-solid footing for load-bearing activities. 

The outsoles of the boots have directional lugs that are made of special compound from Vibram which maximizes traction on wet/dry surfaces over a wide range of terrain.  The prime urethane cushioning and true biomechanical support are some of the top features of this boot. Oakley's designs rethink the entire concept of boots. If you're into outdoor exploration in warmer weather, this is the boot for you.

Check out the new Oakley Assault 8" boots today.
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                                New pieces from Liberty Uniforms
When it comes to looking good, Police Officers know how to do it. Sharply dressed and always looking professional while serving their communities. Thanks to the help of uniforms with great dress shirts and pants like those from Liberty Uniforms, making it possible.

Check out the new long sleeve poly/cotton police shirts from Liberty Uniforms! They feature sewn-in military creases on the front and back, giving it that pristine, finished look. The pleated patch pockets have scalloped flaps with a hook & loop closure.

They have a banded collar and placket front, with a two button adjustable cuff, lined collar, epaulets, with permanent collar stays. The great 65% polyester/25% combined cotton blend shirts are breathable, durable, and finished with a LibertiGuard Stain repellent finish.

Shirts are available in multiple color options, even two-toned options, with neck and sleeve length and size options to make sure you get just the right fit for you.

Look sharp with Liberty Uniforms dress shirt any day of the week.

While you're at it, you can't forget to complete the look for the Men's Twill Polyester Trousers (unhemmed, so you can tailor-fit them for you!).

Liberty's brought their A-Game with these sweet uniform trousers, made of 100% Dacron polyester, in a fine line twill. The snugtex (male) waistband is loved by those who wear them, while the Ban Rol is used to prevent waistband rollover if and when sitting is involved for longer hours. These pants are made with durability in mind! With backtacks at all points of stress, and a top stitched waistband that secures the inside curtain, they'll carry you through years of service.

The 2" waistband holds a wide garrison style belt, and the reece-style rear poclets have the button and hole on the left side to secure that wallet and valuables.

Available in SIX different color options, and in a waist size of 28" through 50", there's a pair for you, if not multiple pairs, that will keep you looking professional on the job.
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                                                   Training Guns

When it comes to training for Law Enforcement, simulation of  real-life situations that may occur are critical. With our line of firearm simulators and red guns for training, you can feel secure in knowing your training is being taken up a notch, and you're prepared for situations what may arise when you're in a real-life situation on the job.

The ASP Red Training Arms are great because they're safe, visible, and extremely realistic to the touch. The ASP Red Gun Series are ideal for many types of training scenarios. If you're training Law Enforcement, or anyone who wants to learn to properly handle a gun, this is the way to go. With a Red Gun you can learn how to properly transport, retain, and even present firearms.

The replicas of the guns are detailed! They fit identically into regular duty, tactical and concealed carry holsters, weapon racks, and even carry cases.

The use of the Red is to be visible, and also the durable polymer material that's reinforced to withstand the daily abuses of a weapons training environment.

Did you know that every year there are a number of injuries associated with police officers shooting themselves with their own guns? It's important to train for weapon retention and disarming under stressful scenarios. Learn control, placement and hand placement with a training gun, that way when you go to the real thing, you're confident and secure.
Get your hands on Red Guns for training, to make sure those who need to use a gun are going to do so properly and safely.

Safety should always be a priority. Check out our gun simulators today.
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NEW: Saunders Slimmate, a workspace on-the-go.

This is an awesome product for an officer--brought to you by Saunders, meet the Slimmate! The Saunders Slimmate clipboard combines a durable storage compartment with a solid writing surface, making it easier to make your work station mobile and to write anywhere, anytime.

Whether you're writing tickets or taking notes about the happenings on the scene, let the Slimmate help you!

It's constructed of a durable polypropylene and features a main compartment that has a storage capacity of 3/4". This means with it's high density foam insert it can fit and protect the iPad Air. It also has an easy access hole for the use with the iPads sleep/wake button, making it simple and effective.

The Slimmate can also hold up to 1/2" of paper in it's low profile design and the main compartment is also built to store 8 1/2"x12" sheets.

What users love about this low profile, sleek design of the Slimmate is that it can fit comfortably into blackpacks, briefcases, or anyplace space is tight. It's the perfect little "work station on-the-go".

In the patrol car, at the office, at home, or anywhere you need it, the Slimmate can be your sidekick for careful note-taking, protection of your iPad Air, or office.

Made in the USA, and with highly durable materials, let the Slimmate be yours, today.
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When it comes to advanced technology, Streamlight has it, and especially in this new ProTac HL3 light with a blinding 1,100 lumens in the palm of your hands at all times. The advanced C4 LED technology is loved by all, making it impervious to shock and giving it a 50,000 hour lifetime!

This light offers the Ten-Tap Programming features which means it gives it's user a choice of three selectable programs. Streamlight realized that not everyone wants the same lighting options. Not everyone likes the pre-set programs. Now with the Ten-Tap program you can reprogram the light from the standard default option! It's so easy to reprogram, anyone can do it, from anywhere. So with a few quick taps of the switch you can change the lighting to fit your needs to how you'll best use it. 

For the PolyTac you have the following options:

1. High/Strobe/Low
2. High Only
3. Low/High

On each output level the runtime and candela power is different.

High gives you 36,000 candela peak beam intensity with 1,100 lumens and 1.5 hours runtime. Low has 1,200 candela peak beam intensity and 35 lumens, with 36 hours of runtime. While strobe has 1.5 hours of runtime. 

What allows the maximum light output throughout it's battery life is the Solid State Power Regulation. It's also a 1 meter impact resistant light, and waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It's got a great nylon holster that's included making it easily worn by the removable pocket clip, or as a part of your uniform on the job. The lights are serialized for positive identification, that way you can keep track of your light and use that limited lifetime warranty if ever need be.
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                                        For the Bike Patrol Officer

If you're a Bike Patrol Officer then chances are you need different gear and products than a car-patrol officer. At we try to cover all the bases. So we're gonna show you how we can hook up the Bike Patrol Officer today and make sure you're best suited for the job.

                                                 First up--the BIKE

We actually carry a few different bike options, that range in different sizes. One of them being the Fuji: Police Patrol Bike in Gloss Black. 
Built for the rugged demands of the police force, this bike features a tough aluminum PowerDiamond down tube frame that is lightweight and responsive yet won't sacrifice strength or durability. Front suspension helps smooth out the ride through rough terrain. Comes standard with bar ends, rear carriers, double water bottle cages, and toe clips and straps. The top bar of the main frame will have the letters "Police" on both sides Fuji's Police Patrol Bike is a great choice for the budget-conscious, or for those departments that only require occasional use out of their bikes. Its frame is made from fine grade Altair 1 aluminum to ensure consistent quality, durability, and resilience.

Available Frame sizes: 15", 17", 19", 21" and 23". Shipped Un-Assembled by UPS or FedEx. 

Next up, you'll need to be SEEN--so check out the Mocean 2-Tone External Vest Carrier. 2-Tone Carrier Available in 6 "stock" colors: Royal/ Black, Royal/ Navy, Yellow / Black, Yellow / Navy, HVL/ Black and HVL/ Navy. Sizes: XS -5X. Mocean designs and manufactures performance apparel with the attitude that function dictates form. This attitude is supported by, listening to you and their drive to build smart designs into performance apparel. Daily, they practice the art of perfecting the fit to human form; and the complexity of function and how to simplify it. Mocean uses only the best materials to make their products and if they don't exist, Mocean creates them. 
Designed to accommodate the majority of ballistic body armor vests that are currently worn under a uniform shirt.  Made of Cordura Nylon Non shrink, fade nor stain. Machine washable/ dryable.

Don't forget you'll need to check out Rack Bags! How else are you supposed to carry along your essentials when out patrolling? We have a ton of them. Here's the Inertia Designs Paramedic/EMS Bike Rack Trunk. But many others police options can be found here. 
At crowded events the quickest way to an injured person may be on a bike. The Paramedic Bike Rack Trunk was designed with the essentials in mind. The main storage compartment is padded with #4 foam to protect an oxygen unit or small defibrillator. The rear, top, and side pockets feature heavy duty zippers and storm flaps. These pockets all open wide for greater access and have mesh storage pockets and hook and loop compatible linings for instrument organization.

You can't forget you have to keep your head protected. Bike Safety is no joke, so check out these great helmet options. The Bell Muni Urban may be a great choice for you! The Muni takes the mantle of Bell urban helmets to a new level with outstanding functionality, great features, and well-mannered design and graphics. Visibility is a big part of the Muni story, with a pair of integrated rear flashing lights which come as standard equipment. A rear strap allows even more lighting to be added by simply clipping on a rear flasher while a sleek, seamless perch built into the Blade Visor Plus accommodates the diminutive but bright Blackburn Front Flea light. Strap adjustments and sizing are nearly automatic thanks to the helmet’s OneStep Plus fit system that, after a couple quick out-of-the-box adjustments, gives a snug, custom fit every time you ride. Carrying over from its predecessors, the Metropolis and Citi, is the Flip Mirror—a super adjustable mirror that clips to special grooves in the visor and stows away neatly when not in use. Rounding out the package is a ratcheting buckle which provides easy fitting with its subtle adjustment range.

With all these products and more, like Bike Lights & Sirens, patrol gear, gloves, sunglasses and more--we've got the Bike Patrol Officer covered at
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