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Julio López

Muy buenas. Estoy interesado en comprar los siguientes manuales de Warhammer JDR 2ª edición EN INGLÉS:

Barony of the Damned
Character Pack
Paths of the Damned: Forges of Nuln
Game Masters Pack
Lure of the Liche Lord
Realm of the Ice Queen
Renegade Crowns
Shades of Empire
The WFRP Companion
Career Compendium

Si alguien tiene alguno de estos, por favor, contactadme.

Muchas gracias y feliz lunes.

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¿Alguien vende un manual de Edge de La Llamada de Cthulhu? Estoy buscando alguno que esté en buen estado.

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Primera sesión de muchas otras por venir junto con +Ignacio Martín Rubio. Sube los altavoces, o ponte los cascos.
Colbegg St.
Colbegg St.


Vendo el material que tengo de Pathfinder. TODO está en inglés, y todo como nuevo. Lo habré usado 2 veces.

En concreto:

- Core Rulebook
- Bestiary
- Campaign Setting.

50€, en Madrid

Hello everyone!

I need some help about a resource I'm looking for and I thought of writing here. I'm the keeper in "The masks" campaign, and I feel my players are having more and more problems trying to get who is who (NPCs) when we stop playing for more than a month. They work hard and write everything down on notebooks, with clues, places, people and the like, but I'm sure there must be some software that may help them out linking people, events, places, even faces, etc. This could be useful for everyone, since they are constantly asking me who was "that guy" because it takes them a lot of time checking it and recalling all the events. Yes, they could be more organized and have everything under control, but unfortunately we don't play a lot, so it's easy to get lost.

I also know this kind of technology is not very 1920's, but I really think it could improve our experience. I'd let them take only notes while playing, and afterwards they could upload the notes to the software.

So... Do you know any software I can buy?

Thanks so much!!
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