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EUPHORIA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 [Essentials ~ DJset Apr] (look up the tracklistings of my latest sessions here)


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FUNK IN DEEP [Groove & Melt Down ~ DJset Apr 2K14]
Yet again another one-and-a-half-hour session. This time round it is totally jam packed with vocal house verging on absolute funkiness entwined with soulfulness at specific times, which will make all R&B & House lovers groove and melt down to the floor in pure delight!
This is the tracklisting for those with a curious interest in the track:

Danniel Selfmade & Pedro Silva - The Classic (Infamous 808 Mix)
Babysitters - Hidden Face (D-Trax & Wallie Remix)
Chasing Kurt - From The Inside (Copyright Remix) 
Chris Malinchak - If U Got It (Mark Knight Remix) 
Dj Lora - Chinchilla Disco (Original Club Mix)
Ferreck Dawn & Redondo - Late Move (Original Mix)
New Jack City - Gimme That Chance (Original Mix) 
Nice7 – Time To Get Physical (Sonny Fodera Remix) 
Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Abstract & Logic Remix) 
Time Takers - Burning Up (Original Mix) 
Deceptive - Only U (Original Mix)
Hosse - Keep The Fire Burning (Original Mix)
Leftwing & Kody And Kruse & Nuernberg - Turning (Original Mix) 
Waze & Odyssey – Don’t Bring Me Down (Original Mix) 
Silversix - Love What You Feel (Original Mix) 
Dale Howard - Rattler (Original Mix)
Sonny Fodera Feat. Justin Chalice - First Class (Original Mix)
Waze & Odyssey - Two Of Us (Original Mix) 
Dale Howard - Rattler (Original Mix) (Yet Again By My Own Mistake)
Waze & Odyssey - Two Of Us (Original Mix) 
Nineteen96 - Tell Me Feat. Gift (Extended Mix) 
Miguel Puente - Small Proposition (Mat.Joe's Gangsign Remix)
Lkid - That Girl (Original Mix)

A big hug to all from Madrid,

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EASTER 2014 [Get Your Dance Together ~ DJset April 2K14]
Almost one and a half hours of an essential selection of current club tech house tracks to keep you dancing this coming Easter. Hope you enjoy it. 

Here’s the tracklisting for DJs with an interest in the track titles:
Raffaele Rizzi - Open Grave (Original Mix) 
Kaluza - Let's Get Physical (Original Mix) 
Siwell - Feel Alright (Original Mix)
Juan Ddd & Angel Santos - Colombian Weed (Original Mix) 
Siwell - El Baile (Original Mix)
Jesse Rose & Brillstein - Good Wife (O&A Warehouse Remix)
Siwell & Belocca - Ask Yourself (Original Mix)
Ddd & Elegant Hands - La Vida Loca (Original Mix)
Filthy Rich & Ivan Pica - You High (David Glass, Kydus Remix)
Dale Howard - Break (Original Mix)
Angel Stoxx & Alex Ranero - Gangsta Girl (Original Mix)
Dj PP vs. Blas Marin - House Of Love (Alex Groove & Jorge Zar Style)
Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. - Champion Sound (Original Mix)
Groovebox & Electronic Empire - Puff, Puff, Pass (Original Mix)
Heartik - Mermaids Call (Original Mix)
Andres Blows - Kabal (Original Mix)
Alessandro Grops - Megatron (Original Mix)
Peter Aria - Troublemaker (Original Mix)
Deep City Groove - Let It Go (Original Club Mix)
Mladen Tomic - 11.12.13 (Original Mix)
Adolpho & Franky - Go Forth (Original Mix)


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Listen up to: RAVERISM (DJset Apr 2K14) (FREE DWNLD)
[Barcelona Primavera Sound 2K14 Most Rated Tracks]
Tracklisting as follows:
Jonathan Rosa - Loaded (Original Mix)
Path (Italy) - Hangover (3friends Remix)
Philipp Ort - Why Am I So Quiet (Original Mix) 
Brett Gould - Rhythm Drop (Original Mix) 
Emeskay - Searchin (Zoltan Kontes Remix) 
Pascal Dior - If U (Original Mix) 
Drauf & Dran - Starfall (Holgi Star Remix) 
Dj Glic - Holy Assassin (Original Mix) 
Hot Lipps Inc. - Something Wrong (Alexi Delano Remix)
Javi Vila & Al-Fernandez - Keep On Dancing (Original Mix) 
Samu Rodriguez - Analog (Original Mix) 
Wellski - The Sound Of Guy (Original Mix) 
Alessan Main - Sequencerz (Original Mix)
Filthy Rich & Ivan Pica - Couch Surfing (Original Mix) 
Ramon Tapia - House Assignment (Original Mix)
Javier Gonzalez & Afrobeat - Karosshi (Javier Carballo Remix) 
Dale Howard - Right On Time (Original Mix) 
Goldffinch - Feather (Original Mix)
John Barber - Fractal (Original Mix)
Kolombo, Sammy W & Alex E - Play Ur Chick! (Sion Remix) 
David Mayer - Sunhole (Original Mix)
Dennis Cruz - Whistle (Original Mix)
Adolpho, Franky - Go Forth (Sierra Sam Remix)

Greetings from Madrid

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WMC RARE TRACKS [MIAMI 2014 ~ DJset Mar 2K14]
Not meant for dancing, this is an array of unusual tracks which will transport you to the obscure and rare side of house music. I hope you enjoy the proposed journey.

Here’s the tracklisting:

David Gtronic & Lilith - Lagrimas Del Sol (Medeew Chicks Luv Us Remix)
Danny Serrano - Revival (Original Mix)
Martin Waslewski - Igelit Shoes (Original Mix)
Friend Within - The Relate (Orginal Mix)
Hot Natured feat. Ali Love - Benediction (Dub Mix)
Koen Lebens & Sander Bongertman - Automatic Poetry (Original Mix)
Okain - Hazy Dayz (Original Mix)
Oxy Beat - A Bad Dream (Original Mix)
Kocleo - Need Your Love (Oliver Giacomotto Mix)
Moizez Ohr & Raized - Apofenia (Original Mix)
Leon (Italy) - Unknown Sexy (Original Mix)
Mladen Tomic & Sian - Jade Coma (Kaiserdisco Remix)
Luca Lento - Poema (Original Mix)
DJ Raid & DJ Fronter - The Sun (Original Mix)
Simion - Jack Ur Body (Original Mix)

Greetings from Madrid

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Listen up to: MANTECHA [Good Lard 4 The Body ~ DJset Mar 2K14]

For this set I coined the name of MAN-TECH-A from the syllables of the Spanish word, “Manteca” (LARD in English). Then I created a cover according to the found name using a striking design to draw the attention of Soundcloud users browsing for new tracks and sets among the thousands that abound on this popular site. Basically, because my experience tells me that remarkable cover designs containing remarkable current music result in more plays at the end of day.  Anyhow, this session brings you a collection of almost two hours of non-stop beaty tech-house tracks right after the first three tracks which are mellower. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the tracklisting for this set:
David Herrero - Bad Day (Original Mix)
Affkt & Forrest - Now feat. Forrest (Original Mix)
Riva Starr feat. Horace Andy - DubLife  (Alexkid Dub Mix)
Mihalis Safras - Trip To NY (Hector Couto Remix)
Javi Lopez - Music Control (Original Mix)
Agent Orange - How We Do (Egoism & Max Bett Remix)
Antonio Jimenez - Dangerous People (Original Mix)
Guillermo Castillo - In The Case (Original Mix)
Karlos Kastillo & Sebastian Tourt - Focus (Jonathan Maltaya Remix)
Mario Mijatovic - The Performance (Original Mix)
Siwell - It's My Sound (Original Club Mix)
Saeed Younan - No Tengo (Rafa Barrios Remix)
Oozeundat - Bitch To Quit (Daniel Spanjaard Remix)
Oscar Aguilera, George Privatti & Guille Placencia - Viena (Hollen Remix)
Mario Mijatovic - Illin (Original Mix)
Wayne Madiedo & Karlos Kastillo - Your Body (Original Mix)
An-Beat & Camilo Do Santos - Husky (Original Mix)
Why Noyz - Shift (Original Mix)
Siwell - Face to Face (Original Mix)
Ranchatek & Stanny Abram - Give It Up! (Original Mix)
Mixline - Criminal Investigation (Original Mix)

Do Alv

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Tracklisting for TECH ME TO FLORIPA FOR CANIVAL as follows:

Matt Klast - Music Takes Control (Fernando Mesa Remix)
Nico Lahs - Don't You Wanna Be (Original Mix)
Pete & The Fox - Wolf (Original Mix)
Quentin Rodriguez & Koen Groeneveld - Disco Extravaganza (Original Mix)
Rafa Barrios - Desierto (Original Mix)
Quentin Rodriguez & Koen Groeneveld - Muzyka (Original Mix)
Richard Dinsdale & Tim Cullen - It's You Again (Luigi Rocca Remix)
Sable Sheep - Constitution (Original mix)
Sergio Pardo & Stefano Crabuzza - Insert Coin (Original mix)
Erick Le Funk - The Bird Jungle (Original mix)
D-Unity - Primitive (Original Mix)
Harada - Deduction (Original Mix)
The Junkies – Dreams (Timmo Remix)
Coyu feat. Aaron David Frith - Salvation (Original Mix)
Alex D'Elia & Marco Maniera - Reverse One (Victor Vera Remix)
Coyu & Ramiro Lopez - Y.E.A.H. (Original Mix)

Enjoy the housession. Greetings from Madrid

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Tracklisting for HOUSE SLICKERS:

Angelo Dore - Express (Original Mix)
Angel Stoxx - Rude PPL (Original Mix)
Arturo Silvestre - Power To The People (Original Mix)
DJ Christopher - Warehouse (Original Mix)
David Abarca - Some Questions (Original Mix)
DJ PP & Mario Ochoa - Gotcha (Original Mix)
Eddie Amador - You Better Work (Tapia Beat Remix)
Mijail - Kicking Loud (Original Mix)
Pagano - Bamboozled (DJ Jeroenski Remix)
Siwell & Vlada Asanin - The Unexpected (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin & DJ PP - Counter (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin - Firestarter (Original Mix)
Siwell - Give It Up (Original Mix)
Simon Doty - Tik Tok (Original Mix)
Schuhmacher - Freaky (Original Mix)
Robbie Taylor - Drowning (Original Mix) 

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