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And we had our first demonstration at the Bulgarian Collective center Magura.
I would like to thank to:
Sunghun Cho
Devin Morrice
Josh Owens
Ivan Phillips
Krushanu Joseph
Alexander Gutfraind and
Vanja Tanova
for their hard work and for devoting a part of their time and busy life so we could put together this demonstration and present it last Saturday.
Here are some pictures from the event. Soon there will be videos too.
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Some action pictures from last week......
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And this time we have a long list...!!!
Congratulations to everyone who successfully past the test for next level this month. Great job everyone, keep up with good work, consistency and dedications you have shown up to now.
Here are the "lucky" ones:
Constantine Madorsky - Promoted to 11 SG
Jim Accetta - Promoted to 11 SG
Evgeny Kolev - Promoted to 11 SG
Kristina Semenskoy - Promoted to 11 SG (she is just 14 years old!)
Venera Nejkova - Promoted to 11 SG
Adam Patt - Promoted to 11 SG
Hristo Hristov - Promoted to 11 SG - I'm very happy that he is back to class!
Jonathan Fox - Promoted to 9 SG - Welcome Jon to Blackshirt group!
Brian Rogala - Promoted to 8 SG
Sunghun Cho - Promoted to 8 SG
Devin Morrice - Promoted to 8 SG
Josh Owens - Promoted to 7 SG - How many years left Josh?..:-)
Manol Atanassov - Promoted to 6 SG
Craig Iversen - Promoted to 6 SG
Ivan William - Promoted to 6 SG
Eden McKenna - Promoted to 3 SG
Ivan Philips - Promoted to 3 SG
Ian Roberts - Promoted to 3 SG
Dean Kousiounelos - Promoted to 2 SG
Luka Arandjelovic - Promoted to 2 SG
Krushanu Joseph - Promoted to 2 SG
Justin Sohn - Promoted to 1 SG
Jose Marin - Promoted to 1 SG
Tatiana Del Toro - Promoted to 1 SG - Great job Tatiana, you have a lot of potentials, you will move up fast!
And we finally started Kids Wing Tsun. Thank You Venera for leading and teaching that small for now group .
Congratulations to:
Alex Atanassov,
Gustavo Marin and
Patricia Marin
for passing the 1st Level Kids Wing Tsun test.
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It has been another month of successful testing!
Congratulations to:
Kristina Semenskoy - Promoted to 10 SG, so proud of her. In the end of November she turned to 14 years old!
Venera Nejkova - Promoted to 10 SG, also very happy and proud of my very first student!
Adam Patt – Promoted to 10 SG. Great job Adam, we are looking forward to you to teach and lead Zhya center classes.
Evgeny Kolev – Promoted to 10SG, my Bulgarian friend and my right hand in Wheeling.
Jonathan Fox – Promoted to 8 SG, getting close to black shirt and assistant-instructor my friend,
Brian Rogala - Promoted to 7 SG, also getting close to assistant instructor my BMW buddy,
Devin Morrice - Promoted to 7 SG so delighted of her devotion and advancement.
Josh Owens – Promoted to 6 SG, keep up with the hard work you do,” only 4 years 10months and couple of days left”….
and Craig Iversen – Promoted to 5 SG, now it is time for a lot of Chi-Sao
Keep up with your hard training and determination; I’m very happy to have students such you.
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"Instead of fighting over pieces of the pie, we should build more bakeries..." Sifu Mike Adams
April 17, 2016
Seminar with Master Mike Adams at our school in Des Plaines with participants from Sifu Mike school in Bloomington along with his student and instructor there Sifu Ben Stevens, Sifu Guerman and Sifu Eric schools in Wheeling and and Des Plaines, sifu Brain Carter school in Lisle and Sifu Claudio Mascarenhas from New Yourk
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Now for Wing Tsun classes in Wheeling and Des Plaines you can register on-line and use your credit cards if you prefer. Just follow the link bellow:

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We are proud to announce that we've got one more "black shirt" student!
Congratulations to Adam Patt who successfully passed the test for 9SG and become the next assistant-instructor in our school!
Great job Adam! Now the next target is to get that fancy uniform with red stripes.
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We had another successful week of testing.
Congratulations to everyone who passed the test for next level:
Manol A. - promoted to 2SG
Sunghun Cho - promoted to 2SG
Craig Iversen - promoted to 3SG
Stephanie Fox - promoted to 5SG
Ivan William - promoted to 5SG
Brian Rogala - promoted to 5SG
Devin Morrice - promoted to 5SG
Jonathan Fox - promoted to 6SG
Kristy Semenskoy - promoted to 8SG
Venera Neykova - promoted to 8SG
Evgeny Kolev - promoted to 8SG
Good job everyone and I see a bunch of "black shirts" are coming up...!
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