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Book Review: The Imperfect Disciple.
The Imperfect Disciple: Grace For People Who Can’t Get Their Act Together By:  Jared C. Wilson OH YAY! A book on how to love those crazy people who can't get their acts together... and about 12 pages in, I realised I am that person. I am so excited to share...

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One Sip at a Time.
A lot is happening on our side of the world and nothing is happening on our side of the world. Maybe that is why I don't seem to be able to put any of it into words. Our adventures continue, and life is normal, and I am creating, making patterns, taking cla...

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Beach Please?!
It's coming to that time of year when we all have to take a gander at our pasty legs, and our not so beach body ready beach bodies... and think, oh man.... not this again. Yes this again, but this year folks let's make it different- make it different for ou...

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Roll Me In Fairy Dust
In just about 2 week I'll be turning 39. This is going to be one heck of a year to remember... I think.  I am in a weird place of limbo in so many areas of life and in other areas I am on it! I'm excited and anxious, yet comfortable and at peace, all at the...

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4 Cute Mother's Day Cards
There are not enough words in the world to describe just how blessed I am to have my mom as MY MOM. She's my best friend, I tell her everything, she knows me better than I know myself Here's to Moms, far and near... Who still wipe away our tears Know all of...

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...And knows them all by name.
Do you ever feel like a tiny spec in a big wide world... Wondering if what you are doing even matters... Guess what? It really does matter, who you are, that thing you do, it all really does matter. You matter. The day you were born the world changed. It ch...

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I've been reading through the Psalms lately, how beautiful are these soul cries. I used to think the Psalms were all happy and uplifting style verses, all pretty and wrapped up in a nice little bow. As I read through them, and I read them out loud- I'm not ...

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Just Bloom.
Right now, where you are, not waiting for anything else, not waiting to lose the weight, to get more practice, to be older, to look younger, right now. Just Bloom. No matter the circumstance that you feel is keeping you from being you, being your best you- ...

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I'm just going to leave these here. Happy Monday! Share the love, M. LostBumblebee ©2017 Coffee Makes Everything Possible  Personal Use only | Donate to download | LostBumblebee ©2017 Coffee Makes Everything Possible, Coffee- Facebook ...

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Fear Fighting a Book Review.
Fear Fighting: Awakening Courage to OVERCOME Your Fears By Kelly Balarie Fear is sneaky, once you let it in, it grows like a weed in your heart, suffocating ideas, hopes and dreams. Then it starts telling you, you aren’t good enough, you’re not like those p...
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