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Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
WHOA, seriously, this is so much easier said than done, I tend to worry about everything that is out of my control and nothing that is in my control. I like to think I'm pretty efficient, if I'm in charge it'll go just fine... me, Large and In Charge! Oh bu...

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Coffee or Tea?
Coffee or tea? To go or not to go? To do or not to do? ... our lives are made up of so many decisions, coffee or tea is probably one of the simplest... most days, and probably has the least impact on our lives, and the most impact on our day- or mine at lea...

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Man Cub Club
Today I don't have many words... But I do have this sweet little print that I think needs to be out in the wild. Often I create works of art for the future, I create them for the children we hope to have, and sometimes I have to let those things go, to set ...

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Strong Women
In honour of the women I know, the women I love, the women who have spoken into my life, loved me, molded me, and encouraged me... this one is for you. She believed she could, so she did. Just do it. You are more than enough. Teach your daughters, your frie...

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Trust Walk.
On a journey- Not sure how it will end.  We never really are,  are we?  Where hope is huge- Yet feelings of disappointment linger- From hurts and hopes of the past. Along this road, I've been asked to trust- "Trust me". Every things whispers His words to me...

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Trust. My Word for The Year.
Trust. That is my word for this year, did it come all wrapped up December 31st in a beautiful little package... nope it came last week. I was walking from the kitchen to the bedroom, and all I kept hearing was  "trust"... I looked down at my wrist and I saw...

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10 Punny but not too Cheesy Valentine's Prints
Punny, Funny, Cutsy, Cheesy, but not too cheesy, ok, maybe a little cheesy, Valentine's Day Prints for you to share with your sweetie! Valentine's Day, the day we all love to hate, or hate to love? I guess it depends on a few things, if you have a boyfriend...

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Don't die with the music still inside. Don't leave this world not sharing your passion. Don't let another day slip by without taking a teeny tiny minuscule little step towards sharing your heart. Do share, the world needs what you have to say. Do be courage...

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Tết Time, oh la la it's Spring!
Today is the first day of the  Tết  festival here in Vietnam, it is a first for us. It's Spring time! Tết Nguyên Đán , which is  Sino-Vietnamese  for "Feast of the First Morning of the First Day". Tết celebrates the arrival of spring based on the  Vietnames...

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Sun's Up, MUGS UP!
And the first order of business today is coffee... isn't it always? We've got company visiting for the first time here in Vietnam, and it is awesome, so much do to, so much I haven't done- and someone to do it with. But as always, first order of business is...
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