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Paula Carter
I am a teddy bear designer, creating heirloom teddy bears for adult collectors.
I am a teddy bear designer, creating heirloom teddy bears for adult collectors.

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I have never have had a head for heights, regrettably failing to inherent my mother's daredevil gene ... (she has bungee'd, white water rafted, abseiled and done that 'dangle from a parachute' thing. Her most recent madness being a crazy-scary face down plu...

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A little Schulte luxury
If I had to choose, from all the mohair I have had the privilege of creating teddy bears from over the years, this one by the world renowned Schulte Company would have to be my all time favourite as it's silky, curly, luscious and ... pure luxury. 15" 'Tiff...

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Cut from the same cloth
Oops, 'Lolly' was adopted so quickly I was caught up in a flurry of parcel tape and completely forgot to share her here on my blog ... I'd better set that straight today. 18" 'Lolly'  After making all mohair bears so far this year, I recently experienced a ...

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Ripening plums!
Rodney found his climbing legs this week and his favourite lookout is now perched high in our plum tree. At five months of age, this cheeky kitten has us enchanted. He is such a sweetheart and even has my dogs wrapped around his needle sharp little paws. He...

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In an English country garden
I finished this lovely pale pink traditional teddy bear yesterday and while I was running through potential names in my head, kept being drawn towards cottage garden flowers; c ottage gardens are always packed full of the prettiest flowers! O ne of my favou...

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A pencil 'n paint day
Another hot summer's day today and oh boy am I wilting ! It has been a day to play, rather than attempt to sew teddy bears with sweaty hands - shudder! So, I set myself up with paints 'n pencils and had a lovely relaxing time, sketching and sploshing purple...

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Stars 'n stripes
I am delighted to report that 'Star', born yesterday on the 4th of July, was snapped up within moments of appearing on my website this afternoon and will soon be residing in the Good ol' US of A.  How perfect! Wishing all my American friends a very happy In...

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The great spin cycle of life
Friday, so soon? I'm not quite sure where my week disappeared to ... I had hoped to share a lovely new white teddy bear today, but he's not quite ready to make an appearance after a week filled with hiccups, not least of which was my mobile 'phone giving up...

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The things of no moment
What a beautiful month June has been! This is a photograph of one of my favourite places to take Polly and Betty for a good run. It's a huge field, covered with wonderful grasses and meadow flowers this throughout the Summer months. My girls are so happy wh...

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Lavender's Blue
The lavender is spectacular at the moment and happily, I just happened to have the perfect shade of mohair for a lavender inspired teddy girl. Dilly has been adopted I am delighted to tell you, Dilly will be winging her way to live in the good ol' USA next ...
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