Want to help a startup (founded by fellow The permaCulture community member +Michael Bernstein) get some expert consulting services to make the company a valuable resource for gardeners everywhere? All it takes is a tweet by April 25th to help his idea win! Follow the tmblr.co link to auto tweet the message from your account. And if you have ideas about how he can make his startup be the most useful resource out there, send him a message!
TL/DR: I'm competing in Lean Challenge 2012 - Help me build a 'Yelp for Seeds' by retweeting #leanvote2012-19 tmblr.co/ZclabvJaP_fE

What is Urbsly?

In my previous post I gave a streamlined version of what I learned by talking to a few dozen gardeners: mainly, that the way I was thinking of the challenges facing gardeners was all wrong.

So, what problem eventually popped to the top of my list?

Figuring out what to plant is too hard.

There are a few potential ‘X for Y’ descriptions of what a solution might look like: Yelp for Plants, Ravelry for Gardens, Octopart for Seeds, or Goodreads for Gardeners.

In the end though, none of those seem quite right, and I am sure my solution will continue to evolve as I iterate based on feedback from users, but right now I can say that I intend to build Urbsly into the easiest way to discover and share the vegetable, fruit, and herb varieties that will do well in your garden.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, here is something you can do right now to help: I am competing in the Lean Challenge 2012, along with 23 other contestants. Whoever gets the most votes (and makes the most progress on their idea) before April 25th, wins.

So, vote for me by tweeting the hashtag #leanvote2012-19, and stay tuned for more progress reports.
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