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A week or so ago we stayed with friends and watched +Doctor Who on BBCAmerica. The episode was where the Doctor meets Amelia Pond. I just watched it again on +Netflix & it was like a whole different show; they cut so much out (including one of my favorite parts where he throws the toast out the front door and says"and stay out").   I quickly remembered why we went to internet only a few years ago. (Now if BBC didn't block non UK access...... I hate waiting for new  #doctorwho  to get on netflix)
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I'm confused a little +Kevin Rahe . Are you saying Netflix cut out scenes or that BBC America did? I saw that episode back when it originally aired on BBC America and I do remember the scene you are referencing above! The entire scene where he is trying to figure out what he likes to eat is great.
BBCA cut out lots of parts (at least half the food scene).  They may have aired it all the first time (in fairness it was like midnight when I saw it on BBCA).  And yes that is a great / funny scene (when its all there).
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